Saturday, June 12, 2010


I was surprised at the responses for naming our blogs!
So, how'd you pick yours if you haven't answered me in my musings of the other day!
Canada has this image of some such stuff that I never identify with, speaking of names .
Look at how Australia is viewed. Yes we all identify with the didgereedoo (spelling phonetically) It says it all. An instant picture comes into our minds.
Of Course with the world cup of soccer being the biggest event in the world except North America I think. Look at how Brazil is depicted.
Now Brazil has such a name that
we think of beaches, women and men partying to rythyms
that have long passed through this body.
Then comes Canada amongst many of the depictions that were done.
What can I say? We get a moose! A moose for goodness sake! It's always wild life, natives, tepees and totems all of which I've never seen and most people haven't either except if you live in BC.
Of Course British Columbia has it all, great climate, the mountains, the totem poles, the rivers and lots of native culture....if I believe what I saw at the Olympics.
So what's your name? Just how much thought went into
your image of your blog?
I got a response from Cumberland Island Chick....yeah I first thought blond etc....turns out she has chickens! What a hoot! I couldn't have been more off...chickens for goodness sake!
So tell me, how'd you pick your name? Karen, and Crispy...that's your names!
And Barb: Bejeweled quilts...I thought it was the colours of her batiks! Nope she likes that too but isn't that cool?
Roz-Counterpane...she loves poetry...I thought that was her name...
I like mine...Quilting at the Cottage....and I thank Karen for making me change if from "quiltingforfunandmorefun" that's a mouthful and some of us have learned the lesson the hard way.
I'm going home for a couple of days to see my mother. She will be 91 yrs old next month and I just feel the need. She misses me here at the cottage when she can't see me so often.
So, how'd you do it?

Friday, June 11, 2010


After three days of miserable, damp, rainy weather we
awoke to this!

One of the other cottagers on this lake has a rowing boat for excercizing and on calm days he goes around the three islands on our little chain of same.

Of course the dog goes nuts when he sees them and has fallen in a couple of times wherein we must rush to the dock and pull him out! (Stupid and forgetful dog) But this morning he actually listened when I told him to stop at the top of the stairs.

On a calm day like today, we can hear trucks about a mile away on the south shore of the lake as they go about building or doing whatever it is that large trucks do.

With the awful weather and the "Spring" top almost finished, I'm thinking that I must get wool to knit or something else to do here. I need to make something simple again to get the juices flowing!

The learning process was brain draining for me and since I've not got that many left to get rid of I need to make some bags or some such to just not think too much.

Thanks for telling me about how you got your names! Some are quite interesting for sure. I think that's how we discover each other....we look and clik on the icon to see what we can discover. Some, that I followed early on in blogging have disappeared, a couple of special people passed away with family members telling us the end of a life and the blog. Others, I think like a lot of us do at times have taken a break from this as we sometimes feel that we MUST blog or we will be forgotten.

For those that have the businesses of fabrics, patterns and quilts, what a great way to make a living. Today I'd suggest that you go to "Bee in My Bonnet" who has photographed her studio....which is to die for....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Ok, I was wrong! Adding more flowers makes this quilt! I have finished putting it together except for the sashings around the sides and the top.

It does look really good. I'm very happy with it. I just don't know whether I can quilt this on my little machine.
I'm going to have to think this's going to be at least 80 " X 90" by the time I'm finished.

That's a lot to do even with my trusty Janome 6600 which has a wider arm.

Can you believe that I actually pressed this with
this little dollar ironing board from Goodwill?

I kept moving the ironing board on the table, just pressing as I went along. My table is 6 ft long so it wasn't too difficult. Time consuming but not difficult.

It's a cold and rainy day at the cottage, I'm a bit chilled working in the sun room, so I think that just getting the room organized will take a bit of time, then, I'm done for the day.

Doesn't your mind wander when sewing? I was wondering how people get their blog names while I was sewing this morning.

I remember when I was setting up the blog, I had no idea what to call it, and I also was worried about spamming or some such, didn't know how secure a name was supposed to be. I think I tried "quilting for fun" or some such thing, and the blogger didn't allow that, so being me....and also not thinking too clearly at the time...I did the "quiltingforfunandmorefun" not realizing that it's such a pain to blog into that!

Now Karen, from "Karensquilting" she was thinking wasn't she? She was one of my early visitors to my blog, she suggested that I shorten it or change it as it was hard (and stupid when I thought about it) so I did "Quilting at the Cottage" because by that time I was here!

Why oh why didn't I do that in the first place? I found some of my favourite (Canadian spelling) blogs by their names. Think of it, "bejeweled quilts", "crispy quilts", "cutting edge", "quilting in my pyjamas" (now that's thinking) and of course the one that just got me was "cumberland island quilting chick" , "happy cottage quilter" and that's just a few!

How does a new blogger come up with excellent catchy names. I'm always thankful that Karen said to change my name. I find it hard to put all the http stuff together, and I'm the creator!

See what happens when I'm alone in a room with geese and boggles even my mind! If I didn't mention your name here, it's not that yours isn't unique, it's just that there are too many to mention, but my blog roll has many interesting names. Wombats, Giraffes, with doodles and whatever else has our interests.

We are a crazy bunch, we quilters!

Monday, June 7, 2010


I didn't take this photo, I got it from the web shots or something like that!
I have a passion for these pesky little demons! They are fiercely protective of their territory, will defend it to the death practically.
Having said that....where are they? I have two! In years passed, we would have at least six pairs for the summer and then when the babies arrived, I would be changing the feeders constantly to provide food.
In the past three years our hummers are all but gone!
I talk to other people on the lake who put out feeders
that also say the same thing. The season starts out well. There were at least six this year, then overnight the four just disappeared.
I know that we have had cool summers for the last few years, but still, the flowers bloom, the insects (they eat 1/4 of their bodyweight each day) are there for them to eat, but they have literally all but disappeared from our lake.
My friend in the city says that she has only two, one pair. There must be something going on that we are not yet aware of because we should have hummingbirds!
We had a rainy weekend, so had a dinner party with good friends and good wine albeit homemade awesome red that was brought. Amazing what the little make your own operations can do!
My sweetie made the best steaks outside of the best steakhouse restaurant! He does need a bit of practice so that he isn't so stressed over it, but he did a great job!
Ok, ok, I'm going to tell you of the "quilt". Helen suggested that I add more flowers! She's right darn it all! I must add more to it to make it look right. We put a few of the extras on the rows so as to see and I'm going to add some. Also suggested was that maybe I make them a bit smaller to make me happier. So that's the plan when I go over to the other side of the room where it is looking at me and begging for completion!
Of course the weekend has passed, the weather is wonderful, so we are heading to get some flowers for our deck. There is a fabulous nursery down the road about 30 miles that brings in the best baskets. Instant colour! Maybe the hummers will come back!
Can you believe it? I just couldn't come up with a title?