Friday, December 5, 2008


I finished it yesterday afternoon while watching the Big Three on CNN and switching to CTV newsnet about the goings on with one group asking for bailouts and everyone really impressed me in the deportment and professionalism.

Then switching to CTV and seeing the bafoons we call politicians acting like demigods, well it was worth the watch. Really stupid politics going on here in Canada and what these politicians need to do is grow up and get governing.

This little quilt is about 52" square and I love the finished product. It would make a nice crib quilt or a lap throw to make someone cheery.

This is part of the red fabric collection that I got at Fabricland's 40% sale last week. I'm thinking of the "dream quilt" which is blue and white, but you know finding blues that I wanted wasn't going to happen on sale so I liked the reds. I washed them to make sure they don't run...I hope and want to start cutting today if I can.
There isn't a cloud in the sky as I write this and hardly any wind to put the wind chill factor in when I walk this morning. Last night when there was a very light snowfall, the dog and I went for a walk. A perfect night, light snow falling, no wind, and with the Christmas lights on around the neighbourhood, it really is starting to look like the Season.
Oh it must be as I am making Christmas cookies today too. Yum!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

GREAT IDEAS has the most amazing tips and ideas for whatever skills you want to apply. I can't remember how I found this site either. But it was here that I think I found that waterbottle pattern. There is so much out there on the web that something happens and I add it to a favourite and then can't remember how I got there...It's a brain thing.

Well Kel couldn't stand it, she put her tree up in the family room and is starting to do her Christmas decorating. She always gets into it and I love what she does, but can't do the decorating thing because I am a bit claustraphobic and eventually all that "stuff" just starts to crowd in on me. But we do have a couple of wreaths for the door and a huge tree which we are planning to put up this year. When we looked at the tree through the eyes of the camera we thought the lights were wonkie and laughed because in the room the tree looks amazing. Her little kiddies that she minds just loved it.

Wow the sun is shining today and I am going for a walk while it's out there. So so many days without sunshine here in Whitby that it's really depressing me. I need the sunshine to keep me sharp and cheery. I tell my bridge group that I practice being "sharp" and after the laughter dies down they continue to let me play.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Pink Chalk Studio is where I found this water bottle carrier. I think it would make an excellent gift. At the site is a tutorial on how to make and quilt this neat little item. It is free.

I can't even remember how I came across this site, but she has some really neat ideas and patterns.

There is a mail bag pattern on her site and it is very very cool and looks really easy to make. She also quilts and does other sewing stuff that is really neat.

Take a look .

Green quilt is finished except for the binding which I will hand sew tonight as I watch Judge John Deed on BBCC, love the show and never miss this British drama.
Speaking of drama, our goverment is doing such stupid acts in this time of needing to act like adults, that it makes me wish for a snap election just to give someone a good kick for trying to overthrow a duly elected goverment just 6 weeks ago! Grown men can be such buttheads as my grandkids say.

Bridge day, I always look forward to seeing the gang and having and afternoon of cards, socializing and just plain "feeling the love".

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


This is my sewing area. It isn't fancy, but it works really well. I have lots of room and lots of plugs for electric needs.

When we were deciding where to put the shelves etc, I chose this area as the window directly above lets the sunlight in (when we ever get sun) and it makes it pleasant to work there. I have lots of light and can move another table ajacent to the sewing table for the other machine or quilting area.
This is Courtney's cupboard before and the second photo shows it after Jerry had installed the units to complete it for her. She was returning from Florida training camp on Sunday so it had to be finished for her on Saturday. Kelly painted the room grey, removed the carpeting and reorganize the bed etc. Needless to say Courts was speechless when she saw her room. Excellent job done by Kel and Jer.
We are minding Quincy again today and he is just making Wilson so tired. Me too. I took the dogs for a walk and it was a chore to have 2 dogs on leashes and one who just want to smell and one who just wants to run.
I am finishing my green quilt today. I have basted it and it's ready for stippling. I wonder if people that baste, pin before doing a small quilt such as this one which is about 52" square. Anyway, I didn't and it looks good to go.
I have decided to make my "dream quilt" in red and white, I know it's not the colours I would normally choose, but I liked the reds and there were limited blues. I will watch for them though as I do like the idea of the blues.
My friend Dawn has decided to try another strippy quilt. Wahoo Dawn...Looking forward to working together with her.
I'm off to quilt.