Thursday, October 4, 2012


 October days at the cottage surely means the season is coming to a close.  All the little projects that have been put off a bit this summer since the weather was so lovely, are now in full gear.

Next door, the weekend project went like this...three guys getting
together to make an extension to
a dock to enable ample sitting space to watch lake activities.

Then there were five...and the women and dogs doing what they do best...supervise, that is except for the daughter who carried boards, to the saw and back to the decking area.  She
worked along side the men, impressing all with her energy...Ah the young!

The little boats are up on winter cribs, awaiting winterizing and covers.  Another little job done!

Mary, my dear friend who has taken up this knitting thing, made six hats in as many days.  She said that we shouldn't bother
her as she had "orders" for seven hats!

She has made a pair for twin boys born premature  a week ago, so the little yellow tops are for tiny, but made to order by an aunt of the babies.

I have one of them for a new baby girl born this week to a very happy grandmother that I know.  I am sending it to her, hopefully I shall get a photo.  I know that it will be so enjoyed and she will take a photo to send to me so that I can see that it is truly loved as a handmade  gift.  It's the least anyone can do isn't it?  I mean everyone had digital cameras these days...

My baby blanket is done.  Thanks again Bev.  I am done with thirty type prints...I had Shay send me enough to do a king quilt, then Bev kept sending me her leftover little squares...what is a girl to do but get making!  So Quilton and Quilting in my Pyjamas..thanks for collecting these extras which came to me...

This should be the last quilt of the season....yeah I know I said that last week or so, but it is hard to stop.

  One of my favourite blogs that I followed because it was just a great spot to stop by, view excellent photography, see the western US, and enjoy her quilts, is giving it up.  She says she is done with quilting!  What?  I am sorry to see Pieceful Afternoon leave the quilting world, for photo ops and other things like making dolls...fiddly things are not in my realm, but Jo says she is loving it.  Good bye to a blogging friend I sadly say.

OMG!  today, the windows are open, the sun is shining, the wind is blowing lightly and we are supposed to be in a rain storm!  How good is that to have the weatherman wrong?   I even put laundry out!  It is October people!

Yesterday, we went all, even the dog to get badly needed haircuts. Mine was so unruly that I forgot how to care for an easy cut!  The dog looks white again, and my sweetie hasn't got the need of a ponytail as his was really long.

On closing, just a note to say that the leaves are turning glorious colours of autumn,  cloudy days are wonderful to view the colours which was yesterday for us.  Beautiful country drive to get all our shopping done for Thanksgiving this coming weekend.

Monday, October 1, 2012


 This is an aerial photo of our lake.  Our island is the one in the main photo, and if you peek, you can see a jut of white sticking out on the left side.  That is our docks!

To get to mainland, we must go passed the top left of the photo as the lake is large.  

My blog friend Quilton, sent me
some very very cute 30s prints.

I made this crazy variation of nine patch yesterday.  I got the idea from watching a video on Missouri Quilt shop tutorial.

I put two nine patch squares together, right sides facing and sewed completely around them, then cut them all on the diagonal and voila! An easy but wow factor quilt.

I hate starting projects at this time of year as we are now only about 3 1/2 weeks from leaving the island.

I didn't see much of my man this weekend.  Nothing like a dock project to entice a work group.  The neighbours were building  a new seating area at their dock.  They have so much company, so large a family, so many people, so little room to all sit at the dock on weekends.

So a plan was devised, tools collected from our workshop, lumber purchased, and what was three guys, ended up with five and sometimes six putting it together.  I tell you, that the project is almost finished, and it will be a fabulous place for sitting. Photos to follow.

Now, this coming weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving.  I hope that this dreadful cold is gone, that the potluck turkey dinner has great weather, that all are able to attend.  Should be fun for the last feast of the season as everyone but us is closing up.