Saturday, January 16, 2010


Today, we are having a girls day out. We are off to see The Lovely Bones.
The novel by Alice Sebold was a prerequisite for the granddaughters to
see before having a movie night out.

We have all read it, we have all cried, we are happy that Peter Jackson did
the directions. I love Mark Walberg although this is a different part for him
to play as the father of the murdered girl.

It only opened yesterday here in Whitby, and already been rated as a 4 out of
5 star movie.

I'll let you know in the next post...but read the book, it really is amazing.

I also made 3 large pizzas as we are taking my neighbour Mary (cottage Mary) who had to make fudge as here prerequisite to getting to tag along with the granddaughters. Courtney (aka Olympic girl) reminded me three times to ask Mary about her delicious fudge..."tell her she can't come unless she makes fudge!" so Mary made fudge.

I doubled the recipe for the pizza dough, but I think because my cookie sheets are quite large, it still only made three. I know that people put lots of wierd things on their pizzas but we usually just add pizza sauce, mozzerella cheese, mushrooms, pepperoni, bacon and then tomatoes on half.

But the kids do like pineapple and I know that Tory likes some fresh herb on her pizza, although when I went to get the salad fixins' I couldn't remember what it was and still don't. So pineapple on the side and we have balsamic vinegar and olive oil on the table...Doesn't that sound good?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Yesterday while waiting for my son to get his colonscopy, which turned out well by the way, I thought I'd stop in at Sally Ann and see what they had on as Tuesdays are Senior discount days!

I found these two plates for .85 each. Hand painted in Portugal now less. The blue one has just a small ridge for cheeses etc and the larger one is quite flat but they were both so perfect for the cottage that I was just so pleased to have found these perfect items.

I'm getting to my decisions....hang on. Be patient!

Then, as I was looking through the books area for
something interesting, I found this old quilt book
of Quilts made in the last century in Ontario. Although some of the quilts are from Pennsylvania and New England areas and are photographed in black and white, the book was a dollar, so I grabbed it.

The history of Upper Canada as we were known is very interesting and probably not unlike what the pioneers of the northern States endured.

It has some great stories which I will post at other times when I don't have much to write about....

I remember when Karen (Karen Quilts) went to the
Dakotas last summer, I just couldn't get enough of
the stories of the pioneers of the area.

I can't imagine that we would be that tough today what with our central heat, the air conditioning in the summer and the cook stove at our disposal at any time and the refrigeration!

These women worked! We just putter around when one considers their working conditions.

Anyway, with all your postings, thank you all so much for the opinions, but #2 is the choice that I let my sweetie make. And so it goes.

Tomorrow we are off to the plastic surgeon for a carpol tunnel procedure on my sweetie's left hand. It's been bothering him for so long that he decided to endure the about 15 minute procedure. I have other things in mind if I am to visit a plastic surgeon, but that's another story.

Ah this blessed weather. Today was glorious to the point that for the first time in about 8 weeks, I didn't wear a hat when I walk the dogs! I'm tough!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So I said it would be orange dots. Well with 5 squares to go, I placed the pattern in two grids.

I know which one I like, what about you?

Even my sweetie has ventured into this and has said which he likes. Fortunately, it's what I think looks best too, but it's a bit of dilemna still.

I am off to finish the last five blocks this afternoon. One of my sons has had a bit of a scare and had a colonscopy this morning which took up most of the day. He is good
to go now and it was more stress related than anything
else. But it's a lesson learned, we should all make sure
that this procedure is done at least every two years as
it's a curable cancer in 90% of cases caught . Quite a simple
procedure actually, a bit noisy afterwards, but you
nurses know this.

We went to lunch afterwards and he had to excuse himself a few times as I would not let him do anything in public! Ok, too much information there...but you get the point.

Let me know which of the two you like. It is a very spring like quilt as Deb commented yesterday.

Monday, January 11, 2010


There are a couple of women that are friends of my daughter Kelly that make these very origina Pieces of ar
windows. I don't know how they make them but I now have two of these.
The flowers are all pressed, then somehow glued to the one side of the glass and really, the old one
that is in the kitchen at the cottage (not the best photo)
is still just like the day we put it up.
So knowing that we admired and loved the gift from last
year, Kelly got us this one for the living room (I think)
for this year.
Now, I don't have too many walls inside the cottage as we
have so many windows and the space is quite limited, but
I think that we will remove a mirror and put it in it's
I have a couple of old pine windows at the cottage that keep getting moved from one space to..."don't throw that out I'm going to use it" another when my sweetie starts clearing out stuff.
I had thought to put photos in the panes of glass of the old frames, but as I said wall space is limited. However,
I am going to do something this year.
I have about 25 blocks done of the buckeye quilt so have put them out to see which pattern I am going to do with it all. I must say, pinning sure makes a difference in accuracy...I hate the quilt has certainly been a turning point for me and I am a pinning queen!
My cold that I had on Saturday is virtually gone! I tell you Coldfx is an amazing product. Yesterday I was up and about like a new girl! There are athletes here in Canada, mainly hockey players and the figure skaters I think who use it annually to ward off colds. It works, and as stated before, I have no idea why, but it does!
I'm off to do more sewing today although I still haven't got my Janome 6600 back from the shop. I feel like it's been kidnapped...gone since Dec 22nd. Of course they aren't open till tomorrow morning. I'm calling first thing as I should be ready to do some serious quilting.
I will need a lesson in using the stitch in the ditch attachment as I've not been able to figure it out although I do have an attachment from the old machine which should fit this one...if I ever see it again!