Tuesday, September 10, 2013


It has been a while since I've posted.  Honestly, it isn't that I haven't wanted to, but what to say was the big problem.

How does one say, "oh by the way I pulled a calf muscle which hurt so much that I was laid up for three weeks!"  What a wimp I was.

Then I fell on my face...oh yeah, summer would not be complete, I hurt my wrist, damaged the temporary tooth that was there before the implant went in...Luck heh?  Yes, that was a blessing as that little partial cracked under the impact.  The lips were a mighty mess.  Had to 
almost drink wine through a straw!

So, crazy glue repaired the partial, then the implant went in and the stiffness of the joints finally made it easier for me to walk without a moan...used a cane for a bit too.  Just for sympathy.

Anyway enough about me!  Here are the quilts of summer.  The first one is my favourite.  I love the yellows in it, and it is a nine patch variation.

The second is my little flip flop quilt with umbrellas to make it a bit different.  I doubled the  batting which I will not do again.  It is heavier, but used up a lot of thread.

Then, I did another nine patch variation...none of them are the same.  It is amazing what one can do with nine patch.   I had bright blues and greens which are not my favourite colours, but it worked with the red on the sashings.  It isn't in my normal comfort zone, but what the heh, It is cute.

I must say this summer was wonderful in that we had hummingbirds to feed.  Eight of them so we had to make sure we had lots of sugar.  One cup of sugar every couple of days, and that is only 30% of their food intake.  The other 70% is protein.  Spiders, and little bugs that fly around.  Lots of mosquitoes.  So we don't mind the feedings.

I know that one of the things the birds love are the flower baskets that have succulents.  So we get baskets that will attract them.  I now have three left, all females who get along a lot better than the pesky males.  

We are about seven weeks from closing up and leaving for Florida.  Can you believe it?