Friday, February 20, 2009


who's there? ORANGE>...ORANGE WHO?
Orange you glad we are doing squares like this?
Ok, it's lame but this is my square almost complete for the quilt a long on Pat Sloan's blog.
I have yet to pick the colour for the outer corners as I am in a dilemna wondering if I should add more of the orange that is in the centre.
I might. I like the idea of white sashings to really pop this quilt which will be about 50 X 50 a bit bigger than I originally thought. But I have quilte a bit of this fabric. It's supposed to be a triangle on the outer corners so I must decide soon. I also thought of yellow, but that would be adding another colour. I think the orange will be the one I choose.
The weekend is almost here and I am not doing too much on the weekend, so I might do some more of this just for the fun of it. Since the weather is so cold, I might just as well sew this one up.
Remember the white quilt? well I have the last of that fabric made into a top. I have yet to choose the trim, although the blue looks really good, but I used pink in it to give it another colour choice for borders. I really like pink.
I really like the stippling. I read that the more you practice the better you get. Well the better one gets, the more one likes the stippling effect. Gosh, last summer I had the hardest time doing it and now it's one of the things I look forward to when quilting!
The Obama visit which was huge news here in Canada yesterday is still being touted as a successful visit and I certainly hope that the President of the United States is made half as welcome when he visits other countries. He even visited a cookie shop here to bring some home for his girls. The secret service must have been going nuts, but he is such a people person and the cookie shop was totally over whelmed by it all. Very very sweet of him. It doesn't matter if one is Republican or Democrat, when that guy smiles and turns to the people, it's just the most incredible feeling as told to those that only saw him for a minute! Imagine ! He has the charisma that has been lacking in leaders for a long time. He's not like Kennedy because this is 45 years later. He just seems to like people! And they in turn feel it!
Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Wasn't it great to have the President visit us on a cold February day?
He has such high approval here in Canada, over 80% which is unheard of in this country of a quiet and staid peoples.
There looked to be about a thousand people on Parliament Hill just to catch a "glimpse" and I mean a "glimpse" of this man who continues to give us hope.
One of the reporters to the CBC Tv station was overjoyed as she turned to the camera and shouted "I saw him, I saw him!" and then she just looked so excited and laughed and said it again. it was so cute!
Ok, on to more important issues than the President visiting, I am doing a quilt a long tomorrow with Pat Sloan and the colour of choice is orange with something else.
I am not sure what I am doing, but I LOVE orange and have lots of it. So I am in for a pound as the saying goes.
I just checked "Getting stitched on the farm" blog on my list of favorites and the lambs have been put out of the And this morning the lambs got out of their pen and all came to the kitchen door baaaaing and wanting breakfast. Have a look and a great smiling face when you read the blog.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Boy oh boy, as the saying goes, I've been given a quilt to try and restore. It's about 40 years old and VERY well worn. However, as the story goes, my grandmother who made quilts for all of her family gave this one to her youngest son and his wife for a wedding gift.

Well I don't know if there is a rule about use, but if there is....well they did it. It's very thin, frayed and because of the sentimallity of the piece (did I spell that right), my aunt wants me to try and fix it. I looked at the squares closely and the middle ones looked like they can be saved.

Here's what I'm thinking, cut those out, repair as best I can with the left over squares and make it a smaller quilt. The saved original squares would be the centre foundation and then I would work around these to give her back a finished quilt of a lap size I should think.

I took some quilts to Montreal (previous post) and they loved the stipple look of my quilts. I am wondering if I can stipple these repaired squares and stipple them. Would that make it stronger do you think?
The posted photos don't actually show how thin this quilt is. I wonder if I use fusable web to the squares and then put that on a backing if that would help.
Just a bit of a problem here today.
Oh well bridge is waiting for me.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Do you remember this quilt? I made it last fall and took it with me to Montreal this past weekend. My Uncle Robert died last week so most of the family journeyed to Montreal for his funeral service and remembrance of life reception.

My Uncle Bob loved a good party. He would have loved this one in his name at his son Paul's house.

I took some of my best quilts to show my relatives who travelled from afar, so that I could show them what I have been doing and in doing so realized that my cousin Robert and his wife Debra were expecting a baby girl the end of March.

So, off this one went to a happy home. Deb had a hard time picking from three that were children quilts. She will let me know the name of her baby (a girl) and I shall embroider a patch to send to her so that she can put it on the quilt.

Although the journey was one of sadness, there is always a rainbow at the end for our family of a lot of Irish descendents...we like to gather and tell tall tales. So lots of tall tales were told, some of my uncle Bob and some of the others in the room told great funny stories of life. He really would have loved it and his children did well in their choice of service and reception.

It was really cold in Montreal compared to Toronto. And the city has so much more snow. You know it is a different culture and life is a bit different than here in Ontario. It's always good to go there.

We are relaxing today which is family day in Ontario and we are tired from the travel, the talking, the laughing, and sleeping in strange beds for a few days. So today is a nothing day.