Saturday, April 27, 2013



While we await the ice to leave our lake,  there has been so little to do in the sense of doing any sewing etc.  I am frustrated, but nothing we can do till nature takes its course.

Many areas of Ontario are flooded, and ice is out, but not at our lake, only daily updates that the ice is still there.

This purse is a cake!  Yes, we went to a birthday party and this was the cake made for the fashionista that we know.  It was made by a friend's mother!  Isn't that amazing?

I, who has nothing to do, surfed Pinterest and found this lovely little sign.  So cute!  I should do one for our dock where I put my boat!

Another photo that I thought was
so cute was this one. It was called BBQ Season!  Oh yeah, we await that for sure.

I have had doctor and dentist appointments.  Don't let anyone tell you that implants don't hurt and that they don't take time.  The time for me is almost two years by the time all the work  is done.  And pain....I could be a spy!

So I am lazing around like this dog.  Life is good at our friends' house which after almost three weeks is  pretty good considering that we are seniors, and pretty established in our ways.  Still, having our own little space in the "cellar" as my friend Mary calls it, is wonderful with sitting room, private bath, and bed so comfy.  Almost like home.

So, we await the thaw!  My sweetie says tomorrow, I say the second of May which is my eldest son's birthday. 

I have bought a new computer, don't need to share anymore, an Acer, at Walmart, for $348.00 how good was that?  And, even though I said that it would never happen to me, a new Iphone which I need a degree today to work, but buttons don't scare me, so I can at least answer the phone and have managed to activate the texting thing...keeping up folks, just keeping up.