Friday, March 4, 2011


I love to organize things.  Especially in the kitchen.  I do it because I hate to move around too much looking for things when creative juices flow (sic).

Anyway, I've collected over the years, lazy susans that I've picked up at good will or sally anne stores. 

I put one in the fridge on the top shelf for keeping mustards, relishes, jams and jars or some such that I can reach with just the touch of a spin.

On another shelf I have this place which stores, salt and pepper shakers, along with the sugar and butter which is just above the coffee
pot for ease of use in the mornings.

Now, the spice one is double as it can hold so much of the spices that we all use in our daily lives.  This is probably one that everyone has.  I also, if you note have a little jar on the top shelf which I saved from a jam jar.  This one has the spice cans in alphabetical order, again for ease
of use.

Just above the spice rack is this one which has the too tall things.  Again, self explanatory.

I do try to keep all baking items together as most of us do.

Finally, the sugar storage is a used
coffee can.  When anyone needs the
sugar they can see it plainly.  Need I mention who would not know where the sugar is after all these years?

Anyway, I love reorganizing the shelves.  I always have done this and at the cottage where I have much smaller space to work with I have a large lazy susan under the counter
which, as you can imagine has small
susans on that one too!

After watching me play with the camera in the kitchen, and not getting a treat...the dog Quincey collapsed!

Me?  I'm late again for posting on Fridays as I don't know where the time goes when I'm basically doing
nothing, except knitting socks although I did go look at my sewing today....yep, it's all still there!