Thursday, July 7, 2011


 Nothing like having a house closing that goes simply is there?

The sale of our house finalized today.  It's goodbye to six years of much happiness because of our neighbours that we were lucky enough to have across the street from us.

Bob and Mary have become family.
It's that simple.  People come into our lives for a reason.  This couple came to us so that we could have fun at the cottage and extend our family as well as theirs.  So the move is sad on that level, but on the other, we are at the cottage and a new adventure begins.

We were going along so well and boom, things happen.  My sweetie
fell about a foot off a ladder, broke
a bone in his foot, sprained an ankle
and that was all with about 15 minutes
left of us leaving the house after the

He has an air cast on so at least he has been able to move around.  And thanks to Bob and Mary, we have
lived with them for almost a week
while we settle our affairs.

The top photo of our brave little guy with the awful eye is the result of a cyst on his eye lid, which grew quite quickly and so, Wednesday he was operated on.  He also had his teeth cleaned....don't ask how he is feeling, suffice to say he is a brave little guy and only has groaned a few times...not like us who are moaning just looking at him.  He has a stitch on the lid which has to be removed.  We were so worried about him, till we docked the boat and off he went chasing squirrels...he will survive.

Mac, the beautiful retriever who lives with the flower guy (and girl who buys the flowers for him to give me) came over to visit and noticed my sweetie's broken foot and licked the foot, then lay down to protect .  Isn't that sweet?

Mac also gave Wilson's eye a lick when he saw him today.  Awww!  Yes, I know.

The last photo is our house that was a home.  The cottage is our place now, our new home with new adventures to come.

I have so much sewing to do that I hope the season stays lovely and I can sit by my window and quilt the tops that I made over the winter.

Also, I bought foam to make seats for the sun room.  I'm not great at doing stuff like this, but I will give you before and after photos for sure.  Just wish me luck.

This is a long post as I didn't take my computer with me, so have been catching up.  I've missed you all.

Monday, July 4, 2011


We had fabulous weather this passed weekend.  You know that usually weather is so fleeting that long week ends end up with rain....didn't happen so we taught this young man who is one of our granddaughter's best friend and originally from the Ukraine how to water ski.  He got up on the first try!

He had amazing fun and actually
skied around the island and the lake
was rough too.  He is also a kayaker
and used to taking instructions from
his coaches, so this was easy peasy
for him.
Our cottage was a behive of activity for three whole days.  Last night after all visitors had left and all cottage visitors on the lake had also left, it was very very quiet.

We are heading home for a few days to finish up the house closing then we return to our now permanent home!  New adventures begin.

I am going to cover a piece of foam four inches thick.  Of course I shall get ideas from Helen regarding instructions, but anyone with an idea as to an easy way to make this 45"X20X4 would be great.  I did buy a piece of poly to cover the foam, but that's as far as I got.   I'm also not good at the zipper thing, but will do my best.

See you in a few days.  Isn't summer weather great?  And the Aussies are in their winter...