Friday, October 1, 2010


So,each Friday, the rule of the blog is to blog about a favourite (Canadian spelling Chris) thing.

Being a thoughtful girl, and simple minded at times, I thought about what is fabulous for me as my age is creeping up on me more quickly than I really expected.

So, as I am a hobbling queen this summer, I think I love, love, love, my dishwasher with its prewash cycle...

It takes only 13 litres of water for a full load...don't even ask me how much 13 litres is, but it sounds like only a bit of water. I read that 20-25 litres is what it takes to wash by hand. So having a septic system, my sweetie when he remodeled the kitchen at the cottage put in this dishwasher.

It's amazing and cleans everything really well.

This is going to be hard to do a FFF each week. I'm going to try to keep up the heavy schedule that "Quilting in my Pyjamas" aka the general has put on those of us that have decided to join.

I also want to add this little joke.

A woman is caught for stealing a can of peaches. She arrives to face the judge....he asks her how many peaches were in the can....she says "6, your honour"....the judge says that ok then...six days in jail....from the back of the courtroom comes a voice...."she also stole a can of peas!"

I'm loving this joke!

So, thinking and thinking,

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Back to the cottge we came on Monday. We arrived in great weather for the only day in the past week.

Well, it was short-lived as it has rained every day since...The black-eyed susans are still so vibrant and are still standing up well to the season.

With the power outage, it paid to have an up to date fridge. We didn't lose any foods in the freezer. The fridge which had cream on the door was the part that we dumped if there was dairy stuffs.

With 72 hours of no power I did get rid of the
eggs, milk, and a few cheeses in the tubs...You
know the ones I mean. But having said that
I was amazed at how everything was actually

When autumn comes to the lake, the mornings are sometimes very misty as the lake is cooling, the weather is still warm, or the reverse happens, the air can be cooler than the lake; so we get sunrises as you see. I took this quickly as the sun burns off the mist and the moment is lost. The sun didn't last...the rain followed within the hour.

The BEAR! Well he did come back while we were gone and tore the handles from the bunker (my
name) and stole another garbage bin!

The count is bear-3, me- 0! We have not seen the bin even though we walked up the the back of the property which has power lines that are cleared for a sign of the third garbage, nothing!

So, we've left the lights on outside at night since Monday with no sign of the bear! I think that it has moved on...and I'm pretty clear that bears come back to food sources for a long time....well no bear is around as there isn't much in the food source on this island to help a bear bulk up for the winter

He's moved on! I'm still taking Wilson out on the leash at night as the rain has probably killed any bear scents that were there! Little hunter that he is...we paid too much money for him to have a run in with any critter! I won't call him stupid because then I get a nasty note from Sewlmate Sister harrassing me of my choice of words for describing the dog!

We are cosy as the wood burning stove is on for most of the day to just keep the humidity out of the cottage.

Four days to leaving for the year....the season is changing so quickly, the trees are in full colour which hopefully we get a chance to take shots this weekend. We will be saying goodbye to 65 plus weather to mid 40-50s.... a cold front is coming, it's time to leave.