Saturday, October 15, 2011


 Ok, it's not quite this stormy as we are not on Lake Superior (photo), but it's really really windy, and the rain is unbelievable as it comes!

There are four families on the island counting us.  Three of the four boats are at our docks!  The water is low everywhere else so people have closed up.

The not so new now neighbours arrived to
close up for the season.  Not nice weather
so I invited the girls over for a craft session.

The spaghetti scarves took on a whole new level when I let the teens have at it! 

Erin is very artistic so hers was made with two braids, navy and black.  The navy was cut from her mom's scarf (by mistake, but still created)

The girls learned how to use the rotary cutter for the first time and for the girlfriend of Erin, Gina made an awesome yellow scarf, then added a white braid to hers to give it the original look.

 Gina also learned to thread a needle and made a knot.

Needless to say, Gina is very proud of having learned a few things about working with great tees.

Then Mary made her red scarf which is so amazing on her as she is fair so the red is perfect.

She then mixed it with a white scarf which the girls thought she had taken it off her dad's, he has three others like it...

We also found that the tees that have no seams make the very best scarves.  All in all a couple of hours
of spending time doing crafts on a really stormy
afternoon is not so bad!

This storm really began yesterday around dusk which meant we were settled in for the long night listening to the boats and docks rocking.

One of the boats went across the lake to pick up a guest and encountered difficulties so my sweetie went across the lake to bring the men back, to make sure that there wasn't any damage to the other boat and that the men were good.

Today, they all went back to get the boat which stalled one more time, but managed to make it back to our dock!  (This is Helen's boat )

As the photo shows, there is discussion as to where to put the boat which is on the outside of our docks.

  It is very very rough  for a boat to be riding there, however what can be done as it is so crazy weather.

We are alone as our friends decided quite wisely to wait till Monday before making plans to come due to the weather.

 Sixty miles per hour gusting winds is not a safe journey across the lake for anyone.

So, tomorrow I plan to start a new quilting project.  Probably some more bags for gifts and the bazaar at my mother's nursing home.  Should be fun. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Thanks for asking about my tooth people!

I feel great, just a tad sore, but you wouldn't know looking at me that I'd had surgery to remove a tooth, do a bone inplant and here I am, all smiles.

I am to rest, so Mary is looking after me and my sweetie once again with soft good food.  Who knew that scrambled eggs with cheese and even crustless peanut butter and jelly sandwich could taste so good!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


 When we have Thanksgiving dinner at my friend Mary's house, the table is always set beautifully.  The lovely napkin set up was so nice that grandson Jeremy just didn't want to spoil the look by taking it apart.  The black ribbons on the napkins was perfect!

My sweetie carved the turkey while I supervised of course, and twenty pounds
of carved meat went quite quickly along
with all the fixins' as they say.

Pumpkin pie ala mode or whipped cream with apple crisp topped off the dinner.

We were all moaning about how full we were of course which says that the food was great!

 Our rocker has been completed and looks amazing.  I took a photo of the lake view from
the work shop deck which just shows what a great spot we have.

I think the dog figured out that he could
see squirrels better from the chair.  He didn't
mind the chair rocking at all.
I posted my "man bags" last time  and they were a huge hit.  Grandson is going to Halifax training camp for sprint canoe for a week, so he is so happy to have a bag to put all his stuff in.

Grandfather noted that now he can loose his stuff all at once now that he has a man bag.....snort...

Also gave granddaughter pot holders.
"What are they for Nana?"
Me...for taking pans out of the oven!
Granddaughter...well you better send me a pan and recipes for the oven then!:

I didn't laugh in her face!  But her mother told me that she hasn't used pot holders in years so how would her daughter know what they were!  They now have pot  holders.

And....she loved the spaghetti scarf, wore
it as she left the house to go back to
University with the instructions to make
black ones too. 

We are returning from the city to the cottage on Thursday following dental surgery.  If you think I MOANED about my foot, wait till you hear of my dental work!  I'm having nightmares!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


 First, here is my "man bags".  I don't have many manly colours.  Even my black fabrics aren't manly.  But the men in my life need their own little bags for their personal |"stuff". 

Yesterday, being one of those perfect perfect days on the lake, quiet waves, sunshine, temperatures being about 28/82
degrees.  Hot enough for a summer day!

I decided to keep being the bag lady of the family with these two bags.  I had to move the sewing table out of the sunshine which was coming into the sunroom so that I could see what I was doing, it was that bright of a day.

Also, I wanted to show you the spaghetti scarf on the right which Helen made.  As my private teacher, she likes some of my way out there ideas.  She also took her daughter's tee shirt to give to her as a gift!  How good is that idea eh?

Her daughter loves tea, so the little tea cozy is just a perfect thing to keep on your desk while you work and need your tea fix.  It is cute beyone belief.  Quilted of course.

 Also, needless to say Helen made some awesome pot
holders. Quilted scraps and designed so that the back is not quilted.  Since I broke my little Canon sureshot, I didn't carry the big camera over to her place.

The mornings on the lake are usually hazy in the autumn days as the lake is warm, the morning cool hence the foggy looks of the lake in the early morning.

We count all these days as blessings, because usually on Thanksgiving, we've had rain, blowing winds and it is cold enough to send us running to the city for the turkey feasts.   This year, we wish we could stay here and that the family was here as the weather is like summer.

But, it is not to be and we are off to Whitby for my friend Mary's feast.  I am making my famous (family only) pumpkin pie and the apple crisp that is easy to carry on our travel.

We seem to be rid of the bear (fingers crossed) as no one has had a sighting for ages, and the neighbours who offered restaurant fare at their fridge also haven't seen hide nor hair of the creature.   Because it is bear shooting season we suspect that it may have been too close to a gun and therefore we no longer are living in the nightly fear that any little noise is the bear ripping into what ever was available.

I'm aware that we live in this animal's habitat, but he was certainly making us afraid to venture too far from safety for a while now.  I may have spoken too soon though as it may have found a better food source, a place to settle for the winter to have decided to book his spring vacation on our island in 2012.  I hope not, but we are ever vigilant.

On finishing this blog, I've got the radio on listening once again to the stories on Steve Jobs of Apple Inc.  I am not a techie type.  I have a phone to call people, I don't play games on a little thing no bigger than my playing cards.  I don't spend my day texting as I prefer to talk to people.  Oh, I'm getting older by the minute.  But honestly other than a date calender if one is in business, to what has the world descended?

That we cannot move without these bloody devices in our hands?  Have you ever been having a conversation with a person and their phone indicates a text coming in and the world stops while they read that instead of realizing that a real person is next to them.

I have a rule in my car for my grand kids.   Do not, and I mean NOT, use your phone in my car.  Enough said.  Am I wrong?  Does everyone need this 24/7 in their lives?  I'm at the cottage and a land line is my source of talk.  Other than my trusty computer to rant and rave of course.