Tuesday, February 19, 2013


 The Missouri Star Quilting Co, sends me a daily deal!  Some are really hard to pass up for the 99 cents that is charged for charm packs.  Add $5.00 for delivery etc. I then look forward to the post delivery.

I have more of the charms, but didn't want to bore you with all the eye popping colours I've bought.

I love the Moda Ocean View as it is very nautical and has of course my flip flops, (thongs) throughout the pack.  I love this so much!  

I saw the same on Green Fairy Quilts sale this past weekend, and bought two more.  I know, I know, but the ideas running in my head of what to do with all the new stash is keeping me awake! 

Unless items are on sale, I just do not need to buy.  I find that fabrics are actually a bit more here than in Canada, so yardage hasn't been my big thing. And we buy in metres which is bigger.

I got the jelly as a daily deal also, and it has so many brights in it that I was giddy when I opened the package on Valentine Day.  And to make it really special, my sweetie was singing karaoke "Lady" during my package opening.   It was a good day!

I think people know I love flip flops, so my friend Mary who is here also, found these little wine charms!  Are they not just the cutest things?   I have them in the package still so as not to lose them.  Blurry a bit, but you get the idea.

Now, Mary knits.  She was like me last year getting sick of socks and fingerless gloves, so Helen (remember my teacher/friend from the lake) gave her a pattern for baby hats and Mary started knitting these hats. 

Well, then Mary made her adjustments to the hats and what you see is one of her many lovely baby hats that she has made.

Not only that, but she makes them in different sizes, colours, with never a one being the same....she has sold about 40 of them and still the orders keep coming!

So much fun for her as she can sit by the pool, watch TV, or whatever, her little hat projects are always near.

Today, Tuesday, is usually girls day out for breakfast and shopping.  But honestly, I have been so busy that I am opting out!  The weather is awful and building.  The seas are very very rough, we are expecting rain, and with the winds howling, I think it is not the best day to venture out. 

The pool which is just outside our window, I swear had white caps on it yesterday. due to the wind conditions.  But....we don't have snow, and for that I am happy to sit out the weather for a few days.