Monday, January 28, 2013


 The days here are filled with "abundant" sunshine.  It is what the weather network has been calling our days!

We were told before we came to the panhandle of Florida that there would be a much cooler climate than further south.  But honestly, I cannot complain at all.  The view of the Gulf of Mexico from our little villa is beyond belief. 

The dolphins continue to be
the source of almost daily joy to us snowbirds that live in this area.   The dolphin photo was just me clicking and clicking away.  The pod of dolphins amused us for about an hour and a half!  Bliss!

There was a woman here whose name was Nancy...and she brought her sewing machine and pieced this top while on vacation.  She did say that she wished she had cut her fabrics at home before she came here.    The quilt is for a little girl.  It is very cute.

Life has been good except for a persisting tooth ache this winter, so I am biting the bullet and going to a dentist here.  It is a situation where we contact our insurance company, find a dentist (done), call for an appointment, call the insurance company and they then call the dentist with a number....I think that is how it will go as we haven't used any medical problems at all.  I am in pain again, so we must deal with it.    Ah the perils of aging....the bloody teeth that I've paid thousands over the years....we shall see.

Thank you blogger for letting me post photos today.