Monday, August 2, 2010


When we were talking about the pot luck supper on our island, the Cottage Guy and Gal, who have had lots of experience with pot lucks, advised that Cottage Gal should write it up.

The invite which went out to about 60 people, said to bring your "best dish" which did not include potato chips, aka Canada...chips.

Well no one brought chips.

This is Cottage Guy and Gal picking the winner of the best cottage hat

A funny story about her hat...she thought that the former owners had left the "tacky" hat for the cottage.
Well it turns out that we found this hat on the highway
on a rainy day about nine years ago, and gave it to the
granddaughter of the former owners. Cottage Gal now
wears it with pride even though it says "Elva" inside of the brim.

This is the trophy! It was given to us by Tony the mechanic from the marina who said it was usually worn by someone who goofed up in the shop....Bev who won for wearing an umbrella hat was a great sport to pose and many people were thankful not to have won!

I tell you, when my sweetie was thinking of what was going to happen for the first annual pot luck, the expectations were unknown as no one on the island had ever done one before...

So, here is part of the food buffet set out! I tell you I don't know what everyone will do to top this feast for next year!

There were dishes of salmon, trout, awesome chicken
which was a two day marinating, pork roast thinly sliced
and so yummy. The lasagna, salads, just finished off the meal!

The deserts were few....something to note for next year.

Anyway, this blog is for my island friends who will look at the blog today.

Now, Helen, whose daughter Andrea bought these hats at a charity auction a couple of years ago let those of
us who "rate" wear these hats!

The one of a kind hats were designed by some British millinary(?} designers. Andrea thought she'd have to pay a fortune for them...but got a great deal!

So, the proud guy there belongs to Helen who also was part of the planning of the whole event. Mary, my dear friend and Bob helped immensely.

I'm planning on wearing the pink hat to a wedding next year....

So, thanks for coming, thanks for the food, and thanks for all who contributed to the event!