Friday, April 9, 2010


I've never really followed a pattern to its exactness and probably won't do this one either, but I have the idea of what to do with one of my jellies that I received this week.
When doing a quilt, I do like to have a pattern in my head though so I'm thinking of maybe using the Happy camper with this one and doing a sashing of, say navy to really bring out the colours. Thinking this. I'm not a green person so, the navy (I'm not a blue person either) could just make the colours stand out.
I love the Chez Moi patterns, so ordered two of the same
although, I'm not sure what to do with either one. They were on sale which is why I ordered this one.
The small one is going to be easier to cut than the other.
Do you have a hard time cutting into new fabrics? I do.
It's that first cut with a new blade and then the anticipation of what it will all look like when finished.
It's the mystery of the "magic" that results in the work created by each of us.
Yesterday, I visited "Stichery Do" where I saw these
blocks which Shirley called "Beach Birds" I just loved
the simplicity of the blocks and the very calm look of
the work.
I'm thinking that there might be, just might be some colours in the Chez Moi that I might use, although Shirley's has a very subdued look to it. Oh listen, it's why we all do such different works isn't it?
I was happy to see that there were at least some instruction to cutting the large squares. It was surprising to see that this was included on the back of the board.
I know that lots of quilters have ordered so much that this is all old hat to them, but it's not for me. I am very thrifty when making quilts. It's my nature. I am always looking for bargains. I must say that the Green Fairy Quilts site was priced right up my alley, so I shall keep looking there in the future.
My granddaughter (the Olympic hopeful one) is wanting a Canadian Flag quilt. I think that she wants one with maple leaf pattern in the quilt. I think that her red and white colour idea might just work out ok for me. I know that Bronze Wombat aka Jennifer did a maple leaf quilt last year, so I will show this to Courtney to see if this is what she wants. That should do it for her birthday.
We are off to the cottage for the day tomorrow. Helen and I will tag along with the sweeties to make sure they are fed and that we don't stay too long at our precious little cottages. It is only going to be about 46 F. so I'm not inclined to linger over night.
This is the earliest that the ice has left our lake. Usually around the 23rd of April, but this year it was out in the first week...such crazy weather we are having. I think that we are due for some serious bad weather though so haven't thought of going there for the "season" as we say for the next couple of weeks.
Hummingbirds have been sighted in Ontario already. Honestly would they come this early if they didn't know that we are in for a long hot summer? I'm putting the feeders out in any event when we go. I can't help myself, I'm crazy about these little birds.
Have a great weekend all!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


The mail came today with the label from Trish that she made for me.

I am completing the quilt with some of the fabrics that I inherited from my grandmother's stash.

I am so grateful to Trish for making this for me. The label will be put on the quilt and then sent to my aunt who gave me the fabrics. She doesn't even sew buttons I think, so this quilt will be much cherished.

Also in the mail packet was this quirky book, The Dorky Homemade Look.

It's very funny and written in the vein that I certainly share, in that "no one will notice" if the points don't line up or the 1/4" seam isn't actually 1/4".

My saying is always "I'm not showing this at Paduccah"
and I mean it.

So thank you so much Trish from All things Crafty. She does different creations than I do, but still we are
connected through blogging. She is the first on my
blog roll, so give her a boo and see what she does.

Of course as I've said, "I've got mail" my fabrics came in from Green Fairy Quilts. I love everything. This one is from Happy Camper and I do think that a navy colour just might do for the sashings or "big" colour to go with this jelly roll.

The packet was mailed on March 13th, and I do think that it was sent by pony express. Honestly, sometimes mail from the US comes in 3-5 days, other times, it takes a couple of weeks or more.

I have more to show, but I've not been blogging as you must have noted. I did sit at the computer a couple of times but honestly no words, no thoughts no little light came on so I just walked away. I did read a few of my favourite blogs but even there didn't comment. What was the matter with me? I always have something to say!

I wasn't even quilting during this time, but then thought that if my fabrics arrived and I hadn't finished the couple of items then, I couldn't start on the new stuff. So I finished my little Red Hat Society quilt, except for the hand sewing and oh my goodness.....I am finishing the last of the orange buck eye quilt. I am done with that colour and that pattern. I think I have made 3 buck eye patterns.

I was reading that little Dorky book and in it there is a statement that some of us have favourite blocks that we make, such as Ohio Star, which I know is Helen's favourite and also she loves the Irish Chain. Me?, well I think that I like just about anything that ends up squared at the end of the project.

So today, I am finishing my projects in order to start on my new fabrics. I do have more photos but that will keep for another day.

Again, I had no idea how exciting it was to get mail. I also received a thank you note from Ilene in Australia for the little nine patch blocks I sent. There were two quilts made from the blocks that were sent. Both are so different and so much appreciated.