Saturday, December 19, 2009


I made the strippies because they were easy and fun to make! After my friend had done hers for her family, which they absolutely loved by the way....I decided to get moving on mine.

I made a couple of the "music" quilts, only because I could use black which is always a good colour to have and the teens will like the designs.
"Oh cool Nana" is going to be the operative word of the day.

One of the music strippies is done in a reddish check, while the other is in music notes. They both look good in the different colour schemes so if the kids bring them to the cottage or hang out together they won't get mixed up in whose quilt is ....whatever.

I really like the music notes a lot as it gave the quilt a really different look from the checked one.

I am also parting with the little green quilt that
is just poking in the photo on the right of the second
shelf. It's time to move on to others.

I still find it hard to part with my projects. I think it must be so for all of quilters, even if we will see them again in their different environments.

I then decided to use the black print that you see
in the last strippie...I bought this print as one of
my first purchases when I decided to quilt.

It is very suited for strip quilting as the print is very large. Large prints are hard to work with I think. This got rid of it.

I also used the last of the yellow print on the back which I had used on the Moda quilt in the summer. I didn't have quite enough, hence the lovely orange strip on the back. It just popped this quilt.

I also see on the shelf at the back the little doll
that I made years ago. It is one of 9 that were
done that year from a Vogue pattern for doll making.

My friend Dawn and I made the dolls, sewed the clothes too and then put the hair on individually on the heads.. The hair came from a bag of curls and that was the most fun. I couldn't download another photo on the blog, or I'd have done so. It is only one of two that remains....lots of use of these babies I tell you.

What with the Christmas rush upon us, I am amazed that anyone of us is able to post. This is my first in a week or so and I am taking time this morning to get it done. I've not even read blogs...that's how busy I've been.

I don't think I'll be back for a bit as I still have so much to do...all those organized people. My daughter, who loves this season always decorates her house beautifully and it always looks so different every year, has invited us for brunch on Christmas morning as is tradition, came to dinner last week and thought my decorating for the first time in years was awesome!

Candles are the way to go...I lit about 30 of them all over the house, the tree was up, fresh poinsettias around and Voila! Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of you who come to visit...