Tuesday, May 24, 2011


 I was putting the dogs out for their final outs of the night;  I was at the front deck with Mary (neighbour), the dogs started barking like crazy, then headed off to the back of the cottage!

I crossed from one door at the front to the back door, hitting the exterior back yard lights of the cottage. 

OMG! OMG! OMG!  there he was, not 20 feet fromme and the dogs who were looking at him too!

 It was all I could say because I thought that the stupid white wonder dog named Wilson would start chasing the bear!

Didn't happen thank goodness as I gave them the stearnest of the signal to get in the cottage. 

I think the bear was startled by the lights so he didn't move.  20 ft from my back door! OMG!

My sweetie who was in bed reading, ran out to see what was happening, Bob also, and Mary nearly fainted thinking that the dogs (who are pretty stupid you know) could have been attacked or chased the bear.

The bear went behind one of our cabins.  We put a very powerful light on him and he just stood there!  Mary had never been this close to a bear and decided that she didn't want to ever again.

We waited for a long time to see if it came back to the garbage bins.  (Remember the bunker from last year that he destroyed?)  My sweetie moved the bins to the workshop.  Sure he thought to say that the bear could just hit the door and there would go another project!

We went to bed leaving all the exterior lights on.  He didn't come back but the dogs sure were crazy with sniffing this morning.  OMG!

We called all our neighbours, specially Helen (my private teacher) who sleeps in a cabin separate from their cottage.  She said that she heard noises all night.  So did I! OMG!  20 ft is close enough thank you!

This morning Helen came with her
quilts that she has finished for children
who live in Newfoundland.  I hope
the photos do these cute quilts justice.  I just love the polka dots  (are you surprised?) on the back of the quilt.  $2.00 per metre on sale at Fabricland Helen said.  What a bargain.

A lucky boy is getting the very colourful beauty.

Usually when Helen says "pink" it
means that the quilt will be pale to me as Helen loves the delicate look of pinks.  Well this is a beauty!

It's medium pink, with the green squares just giving it the pizzaz it needs.  She quilted the back in the same pink variagated thread as the front.  It looks fabulous.

She also used scraps of fabrics on the back since this little girl is very girly!  Isn't it cute?

We have arrived at the cottage to spend a week with friends Bob and Mary, also had the gang of grandkids here too.  Eating is a favourite pass time when it's a rainy weekend.   Courtney's special guy actually went swimming!
OMG!  The water is freezing folks!

Rhubarb coffee cake was a huge success for Anatoly (Courtney's guy) who hadn't eaten rhubarb ever.  He is originally from the Ukraine.  He loved it.  Also had strawberry rhubarb pie one night...he loved that too!   I love people with great appetites don't you?

If you google Rhubarb coffee cake from quilting at the cottage you can get this absolutely fabulous recipe.  Don't make it if anyone is dieting...it's a killer!

I came to the cottage with tops to set up, but not pins, no glues, no scissors, nothing!  So, I am going to hunt bear!