Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I have been so busy doing other stuff besides quilting that I am resorting to doing a few strippies for gifts.
This one I just love the prints, although the photo isn't the best that I've taken, the musical instruments and the notes on the back make it quite "manly".
My friend Dawn has finished her quilts, actually did the corners to perfection and her carpol tunnel seems to be in remission as she has had acupuncture so the hand finishing of her last quilt was done by her.
We have had excellent weather here in Whitby, only receiving a dash of snow yesterday afternoon. Wet stuff too, so if the sun shines today, which it will, the snow will be gone! We still have not had a killing frost...imagine, it's December the 8th.
There is always so much to do for preparing for Christmas that it's a wonder we women survive it all.
I wonder if really it's worth it sometimes as we should really think of simpler times. We don't have little ones in the family any more, all teens now...hard to believe that the time has gone by as fast as it has.
#1 granddaughter is in her first year university, # 2 & 3 are finishing high school this year, there are 5 more in high school and only one in senior year of public school. Time really really flies doesn't it.
We have checked the web site that keeps track of our cottage country and this time last year there was a foot of snow...this year, there is still no ice in the bays which means people are still able to motor out to their cottages although there is only the little outboards that one can haul in and out quickly in the water.
A mild winter seems to be in the making. I still am in sweaters to go out...wahoo!
Yesterday on Turner Classic there was so much history on December 7th and the following war in the world that it was hard to concentrate on my quilting. I find it so incredible that there was so much film taken considering what was going on in Pearl Harbour, and also the following documentries in China, Japan, the African and European campaigns. We were witnessing history and it seems that we haven't learned much have we? Women should rule the world! We would protect our babies from harm!