Saturday, April 19, 2008

Well it is April 19th 2008 and I have decided to become a blogger. I don't know how this will work out and if anyone but my family and a few friends will read this, but for me it is a journey.
I am going to try to post my quilts, and some of my favorite recipes for those that have a yearning for something really tried and tested and good.
Spring has arrived here in Whitby, and there are hundreds of wild flowers in the park although as yet no bees. I suspect it is a tad early for the bees. The hummingbirds are only a week or so from arriving and so I have told my neighbours to get their feeders cleaned and ready for next week.
We are off to the cottage for the summer so for me the task of keeping 5 feeders going for the 15-20 hummers that we get daily is my greatest joy at the cottage daily.
I am working on my third quilt and if I can get going here, I shall post the 2 that I have made, which look like orange popsicles. I loved the orange colours as it was so dreary when I started quilting that the colour cheered me up.
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