Wednesday, October 29, 2008


First, my mother is fine. She probably just had severe cramps, and at 89 yrs old, well she became fearful that she was dying. Anyway they kept her overnight at the hospital and sent her home yesterday afternoon. she was glad to go too.
The first image is my "ugly" quilt which isn't finished being quilted as yet. I think it's ugly, but the kids think it looks "different Nana". I will practice the stithes for stippling on this quilt and then bind it.
The first time I saw this pattern in a magazine, I thought oh that should be quick and easy. 12 " squares are pretty simple. It is the colour combinations that I put together that just didn't do it for me, but after putting the quilt together, there was enough money in it to try and finish it.
Quilt tops are sometimes cheaper than what goes between the fabrics, so being very frugal with my quilting dollars I am going to finish it on the new machine.
I am going to go to lessons tomorrow and see what I can do with the fanciness of this machine.

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