Wednesday, July 1, 2009


It's Canada Day! I hate it when it occurs in the middle of the week.
as it just doesn't seem the same as it would if all got a long
weekend...So we are alone here at the cottage and will have
a very quiet day here as it's raining again. We have had rain
for the past few days. Crazy weather, the sun shines, then
it rains, and the rain comes from the east and then the west,
what's with that?

So I am sewing up a couple of quilts. My little black quilt is in progress with most of the blocks completed and I am now working on the nine patch as I want to see if I will need backing fabric. I am off to Huntsville tomorrow and will visit a couple of fabric stores. There is a Fabricland there and also a supposedly good quilt store.

Here is a photo of me sitting and sewing at my machine at the cottage. It's such a pretty area with screens to be able to see so much around me. That blue in the background is the tarp to cover the wood pile. We are thinking of making a cover for it.

I brought this little quilt that Jane sent me and I get so many compliments about what good work I do.....So, I am thinking that this would be a lovely little project for me to start to
do some handwork. I see that all the stitches are
very uniform and am going to try some hand quilting when get one of these done.

So thank you Jane for sending me this. Karen sent me a book on what to do with 6 half yard pieces of fabric. I am going to do one of those, now that I know how to make the corner accents on quilts.

After my "lessons" this summer, I must take a course this winter on some techniques. But you know, I just love to make quilts for fun? I hope I can sign up for something that is fun too.

We are awaiting friends and good weather for the weekend. It's their first time here and we actually don't know them really well as they were to come with other good friends. It should be fun and interesting too. They are bringing in the good weather.

As a side note, our granddaughter didn't make the national team, but still is off to Ottawa and then Lake Placid for training for the Canada Games. She was very disappointed in her results, and felt that she hadn't had good races. I don't know about you, but the pressure on these young athletes must be something that we can only imagine. She still did well and we are proud of her efforts no matter.

Bee in My Bonnet, (see blog roll) is having a giveaway, go and sign up. She has the most amazing vintage stuff that you will ever want to do if you do embroidery. I mean just look at the package that she is offering, doesn't it make you want to hoop hoop! OMG that was bad...
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