Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This rainbow appeared last night on the island across from us. It has to be one of the favorite places for rainbows as I've other photos similar to this. Why does that happen I wonder. This also took place around 6:30 pm, just before sunset. Very unusual time. With only 4 people on the island we witnessed this spectacle! It was huge!

Helen has been busy! She started on these "little houses" and now has enough for a gift for her
granddaughter for Christmas. I love the colours
which just make this little design stand out when
surrounded by white which they will be.

She is going to search for little doll fabric to be
on the back of this quilt. Won't that be so cute?

There was an add for Walmart in a magazine and since Helen was making houses, I gave her the
add and this is what she came up with. The fabric was chosen by her granddaughter who is in love with bright fabrics. So it's going to be framed and given to her mom for Christmas.

I must say once someone like Helen starts making something, it sure releases her creative juices. In the middle of the little houses is a
leaning pine tree which they have in front of
their cottage, so it fits there perfectly! I think
it's a nice touch to have the pine trees inter-
woven in the houses don't you?

We haven't had the best of weather (oh lordy, being Canadian I do go on) but at least it isn't very cold and I can sit in the sunroom and sew.
I have almost finished the nine patch Oh Cherry
Oh! quilt top. I don't know if I'm behind the ordinary people who quilt, but I do know that Crazy Mom Quilts is probably finished hers plus a few others.....
I do love the quilt colours and am looking forward to finishing it before we go home after Thanksgiving. I'm making my list of things to take home already with a few packed as I won't need them.
The hardest part is always about the food. We need so much for the weekend, yet I don't want to be packing up so much stuff which means the boat trip again and you know that just shopping is a chore, but getting it into a boat etc is really a chore!
Oh well, we are going to eat well since I do have the biggest eaters showing up! Wahoo!
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