Sunday, November 22, 2009


When my friend Dawn decided to do something for her family for Christmas, she thought she'd make four strippie is completed!
The last quilt she made was last year at the cottage when she made her own birthday present...her first and only quilt. She was able to do all the hand sewing at that time, but now with carpol tunnel affecting her hands, I did the hand sewing of the binding for her on this one.
I just talked to her and # 2 is ready for finishing. We are aiming for four finished quilts this week if possible! I feel like Crazy Mom Quilts! And it is taking two of us to accomplish this much in a week of sewing (with the weekend off I thought) .
I just love the colours here and I don't think that the photos do the quilt justice. It's so bright! Oh I am happy that she likes to do brights too!
Tomorrow is another day of sewing....this afternoon I am watching the last Nascar race and knitting more mitts. No cowls for this girl, I've learned my lesson!
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