Sunday, January 1, 2012


Now honestly, would you spend time quilting inside if this was your view?

So, I've made up my mind to knit in the sun while in Florida.  It is much easier to carry around with me.  I don't need the sewing machine and table etc to load into the truck.

And since our unit is on the second floor, carrying wool up there will help my sweetie with his back.

I am still going to buy fabric, which will be cottage stuff, but honestly when we returned to Canada for the holidays, I hadn't used my fabric, sewing machine at all, and the two binns, plus the machine was just too much.

I went to Michael's which had a huge 50% off sale on wool, so that got me started.  I had to buy knitting needles, because most are packed in storage of our furniture etc from the old house.

So, a new adventure to follow...we head to Florida in about 10 days.

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