Friday, November 2, 2012


 This quilt, which is signed by the quilters of Gees Bend is hanging on the wall of the community centre.  If you click to enlarge you will recognize some of the name of the original ladies of Gees Bend.   The new centre is beautiful, sunny and quite large.  Somehow though, I suspect that some of the ladies must miss the intimacy of the old building.  It is quite large, the new one that is, while the original building is small, and also closer to the centre of town.
 Here I am at the front of the store at the roadway with the old centre/store on my left.  The centre of the town is pretty much here.  Just around the corner from the store is a dirt road leading to residences.  Following the road we didn't see any more of the quilt signs, but did see that the one of the quilters had a road named after her.  Will post that at a later date. 
This is the mural of quilts from the stamps collection.  It is quite impressive to say the least.  It hangs in the store which has so many items for sale.  The quilts are very expensive just to tell you right from the start.  So if you go with the idea of buying a quilt, be forewarned.  I don't know who is in charge of the collective, but the prices are up there with mortgage payments!
The store or the Collective Center as it is called has room for a busload to view the video of Gees Bend on one side, and the sales centre on the other.  

We drove through the town which, on the brochure of Gees Bend that we picked up at the Alabama border said that there would be many of the original quilts displayed as I posted yesterday, but we only saw a few.  I think that they must have removed some because of the weather wear on them.

We are at the our "winter home" having lovely lovely Florida weather.  This morning the temperature is 54 degrees Fahrenheit but at 7:00 a,m there were three kids with their dad in the pool.  The father was still yawning as he got in the water!

Everything here is in tip top shape and so clean.  We are happy! 
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