Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Being in Florida, I am knitting not quilting, surfing the web a lot on days that I don't have much to do.  Oh, every day is a not much to do day it seems.

The photos are from the National
Geographic Magazine that I
came across.

 I cannot imagine a 3200 year old tree (called "the President) still standing and not chopped down. 

The splendid photos are breathtaking.  For those that want to see these in real life, these were taken in Nevada.  I cannot imagine the cutting out of a tree to make room for a car to go through, can you?

As we approach the Thanksgiving here in the US, we see all around us, Americans getting excited about the holiday...I think the Black Friday sales and the football games are all part of the excitement I fear.

We are having a pot luck Thanksgiving lunch here at the Villas, which should be great fun.  I am taking photos of the feast which is tomorrow at 1 pm.

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