Monday, May 6, 2013


 Honestly, this morning around 5:30, I was awakened by the sound of loons!  Now, I must say, because we are so far out on the lake, you know about six miles, we don't get the loons out here too often.  Well, the lake is calm, the sun was rising and so
were the loons.  It sounded like a chorus, till I remembered that the original name for our lake was "Echo Lake".

I am sure that there was only one or two, but the echoes across the lake were loud enough to awaken me.

What with all the flooding and high water levels, I found the photo of this fabulous floating cottage on Cottage Life.  Don't you just love it?

I found this photo somewhere this weekend while looking for quilt patterns.  This is how I feel this morning after using my sewing machine for the first time in six months!   I sure hope my Monday mornings are NOT going to be like this.  I am so rusty from not sewing 1/4" seams.  Not too rusty for picking though!  Imagine that! 

I have taken a rest from the stress of putting little pieces of fabric together to make big fabric.  Small quilts before the big ones are going to be made till I get my fingers used to the idea of sewing once again!

Quilton posted this on the weekend.  So cute, it must be somewhere.... But I wish I had it at my spot at the marina.

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