Sunday, June 9, 2013


I haven't been here for ages due to my body taking one ache after another!

Honestly, the plans in my head have not materialized to the hands working it all out!

I was in the city to get the implant of the tooth done, when the dentist said that that implant would not fit properly, and that I had to go back to the surgeon to have more work done.  It has been since November 2011, that I have had the front tooth out, the partial done, the surgery, and here I am 2013, still without perfect teeth!

I hate going to the dentist, palette needles make me whine, cry and basically send my heart racing.   It had to be done, so that is where I am now.  Healing once again, then the final work done.

Not to be outdone, the legs decided to do their work and pull a calf muscle just as I was getting out of the car on the last sunny day we had eight days ago!  I nearly fainted with the pain, and practically had to be carried to the boat!

So, just so I can moan a bit more, the leg swelled, the ankle turned black, (I thought it was the black sock sweating colour) so, I have been resting (R) icing (I) compressing (C) elevated (E) for the past week.   Today is day 10, there is an elevated pad in my shoe so that I don't strain it.

This has been a spring gone by, no sunshine, the bugs are horrendous to the point that one cannot emerge from a building without being surrounded by black flies (almost like no seeums) so we stay in the cottage.

Rain has been flowing and it has been very cool.

The good news, we have eight hummingbirds, who are eating like crazy, a robin that is nesting at our cabin (photos to follow when I can go out) the loons are happy with all the fish near our docks and last night we noticed the fireflies out and beaming their lights for us to see from our window.

Feel sorry for me.  I have things to do and time is wasting.

The flip flop in the photo is a big hit this year!  Mine would say "Bring Whine"
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