Monday, September 23, 2013


 Found this little photo on Pinterest.  Yes, addicting site for sure.  But the best "sport" I know is quilting.

We are about four weeks from leaving our little island.  It is hard to imagine that summer has passed, and autumn has arrived.  With a vengeance I might add, as it has been quite chilly in the mornings.

I haven't been writing because our master bedroom is getting a much
needed addition.  The original size was 10 ftx10ft square, so adding an 12 x 12 ft addition will be amazing.  We are sitting quite high on a rock, overlooking the lake to the east of us.  So my sweetie has put in two slider doors on one side, and another is being installed today.  

Putting the doors in was a piece of cake compared to getting them here in a boat, then up on the dock, then up about 50ft to the deck.   Our good neighbours came to the rescue and with the help of a brace built on our elevator, it came up easily.

Honestly, look at this room!  If you look carefully, the separation on the floor just gives you an idea of how big the room will be.

 The photo gives you an idea of our views....long and top of the world feel!

We still have one hummingbird left, or maybe it is a different female every couple of days that passed through.  In any event, as we are alone on the island, on the south side at least, I have put more food out to feed the weary travelers as they pass by.

The mornings (today was 32F) have been chilly, to the point that we have needed the wood stove on.  I love the heat, but it drives the other body who lives here and the dog too, out of the cottage.  It is pretty hard to regulate wood stoves!

Our friends are coming up with helping hands to put some stuff away or at least get things ready for the closing, just after our thanksgiving weekend, October 12th.  Canadian holiday is a month ahead of the Americans.  

This year, again, we are having a potluck dinner with our immediate neighbours to help us celebrate.  What an easy day it is for us all.  I cook a turkey, the neighbours bring the rest of the meal!  We are all looking forward to it as it will signify the end of cottage life as we have known it for the passed six months. 

I am so behind in sewing, although I have made quite a few quilts, but still have something on the go.  But my sewing corner now has a bed and linens lined up right in front of it, so no sewing for me for the next few days.

Monday is wash day.  Do you still do the traditional?

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