Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Somehow, the photos are reversed. However you can see tha this little box becomes this wonderful surprise when you open it. My friend Helen from the cottage is making these this summer. She gave me this one and said she would teach me how to make this over the summer.
She is also an avid quilter and is working on a hand pieced quilt. Oh yeah, makes me feel really infantile when I see what she is doing. However, she has be working on the quilt piecing for a few years, and has quilted since 1970, so I don't feel bad and she can certainly give me pointers if I take my little stash to the cottage.
I won't be posting too much as I am not on dial up at the cottage as it take forever to even get online, so will be posting every couple of weeks.
Isn't that box lovely? It really is for sewing materials, like needles, pins, thinbles etc. I am going to the dollar store to fill it up.
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