Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Well, quilters have a say that who ever has the most stash wins at quilting. I am definitely a loser at this point in time. However I do have ambitions, not a room full though but plan to get more when I am on the road to and from the cottage this summer if I can find a shop in a couple of towns we pass through.

Yesterday I gave my mother a quilt that her dear friend in the British Virgin Islands made for her from the material from her little shop that she had for about 30 years which included many handmade items. It filled her with joy as she has dementia and just looking at the quilt made by Miss Dina just brought back many memories. I left her with a look at fond memories as she touched her little quilt made by her friend of so many years who was 85 years old when she made it. It is the only quilt that Miss Dina made and she gave it to my mother when we last visited Tortola. It isn't fancy, but it was made with much love and we cherish it because of that.
Wasn't that lovely? And it made my mother so happy.
We are off to the cottage for a couple of weeks and I am taking my "stash" sewing machine and other stuff that I might start to quilt.
Bye for now.

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