Friday, April 17, 2009


Remember I told you that my friend Dawn was returning from Florida? Well yesterday, was lesson two in her quilting adventures.
Last year she came to the cottage for a few days, brought a down pour which consequently meant no playing or sitting outside.
So, I asked her about learning to quilt which followed with a strippy quilt being done in one day, quilted but not bound. Hello! we needed to eat and sleep!
She is going to a shower for her nephew whose wife is having a baby and asked about a baby quilt....Lesson 2 was yesterday.
We bought this panel and backing, spray basted and with a lesson in stippling she proceeded to oooooh and aaaaaaaaaaaw at how wonderful the Janome 6600 was to work with, so as you see, she is gloved...didn't do what I can do and that is stitch the glove to the quilt....and proceeded over the next few hours to stipple the quilt while I cleaned up my shelves.
As you can see, although this photo shows the quilt upside down..I didn't get her face in the second shot...she only has to hand sew the binding and label.
A great job and a fun day!
The daughter of a friend of mine is just starting to blog, so have a look at Claire's blog which is located in my side bar as Claire in Florida. Pop in and comment on her adventure in blogland.
It's Friday, I am taking our future Olympic girl to see about her leg once again. So my day of starting a new project is cut short a bit. The stress fracture that showed up in CT scan is being looked at by an orthopedic surgeon this am. He starts earlly, 8:30, so I gotta get going.
Have a super weekend folks! It looks like next week we may head up to the cottage to see how it fared through the winter. The ice is almost out! Wahooo!

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