Saturday, May 30, 2009


I have had so much trouble with this dial up thing...24kgb is just not enough to work with. I tried to view my blog list as I can see that you all have been busy blogging, and I only managed to see Trish's blog which said she had had an other adventure at the Elton/Billy concert.

Trish is so funny when she writes of her goofs...I knew it would be fun to read. However, I could not read any more as the dial up thing kept booting me out.

So, I am in a bit of a funk. The weather has been bloody awful. English weather dear friends. Rain for the past 5 days, even the dog wouldn't go out. I just found it too depressing to even sew. I have been reading, watching tv, and playing my bridge game on this computer. It's not cold, but very very damp. With my fine blonde (yes) hair, I need to spray to keep the hair from looking like bed head.

I am loving Robert Crais as my new favorite author. Did I mention him before? If so, it's another praise. All his books are different, so I find myself wanting more and more. I read Nelson Demille like that. Just read them all and thought he was a lazy bloke for not writing one a week so I could be entertained....

We are coming home next Thursday so I will be on the speed mode again and will post some cottage photos. The flowers which I bought for instant gratification and cost a small fortune look absolutely amazing, so I don't feel bad for the indulgence. I was thinking I could have bought all the Moda colours if Ididn't buy the flowers. little hummingbirds went nuts when they saw the baskets hanging off the balcony, so it was worth it.

Speaking of the litte buggers. They are absolutely crazy at dusk and it is taking my life in my hands to go outside at the feeder. I will try this week again for photos of 8 birds feeding. Quite a site.

I miss all your blogs and will catch up next week. Have a great weekend.
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