Monday, June 1, 2009


OMG. You just wouldn't believe the weather we had here yesterday! I was feeling like Nanoook of the North! Or a postman....We had rain, snow, sleet, hail, sunshine all in one day. It started out as a bit of rain which we could see about a half mile away on the other island and then I looked to the west and it was like a blanket was coming to cover us.

The rain was sideways it seemed and then in the span of about 2 minutes, we got hail, then we got the SNOW. I mean huge snowflakes that were so heavy we could hardly see our dock about 50 ft away! Unbelievable to say the least.

Now in the middle of all this....remember the flowers I bought last week? Well there was a fortune in those hanging baskets and my sweetie went out in the storm and brought them into the sunroom which was only about 45 degrees....did I mention that it was bloody winter? We put the heater on out there just so they would survive the day!

Of course the hummers were feeding in a frenzie and I looked out and there was this little guy, covered in huge snowflakes! They just kept feeding, I took photos of the storm, but just couldn't get the birds.

I kept feeding the woodstove all day, just to keep warm! It was a wild day and the guests at the cottage next door, who by the way were young, in love etc...arrived on Friday afternoon, and the guy...did I mention young?....jumped into the lake. He was moving so fast getting out that my sweetie who witnessed the whole thing said he was out faster than he was in...Water temp is about 42 degrees....well anyway they left early Sunday morning between storms. I assume they made it safely to the marina as we didn't hear from After the weather we had during the past week, of course the water was cold! DAH!

My sweetie decided when the sun came out to go and work on the little deck he is building for the lift so that we can just walk up to it and not climb into it with our stuff. I looked down at the dock and then to the west I could see another storm. He said it was hard working in a snow storm, but was afraid to leave his tools in case they got blown away! He usually works with only one sweater on, while I have sweater and jacket doing outdoor stuff, but yesterday he wore two sweaters and said even then it was cold. Well, yeah, with the chill factor, we were below freezing!

I am so sick of the cold damp weather. I am not alone I know as many people have been experiencing the same, but we are ready for spring and summer days people.. Let's get the feeling going and enjoy the warm rays of the sun.

My friend who quilts and has a cottage a few cottages away is working on a quilt for her granddaughter. This is her last, she says, hand quilt. It's so beautiful and I shall take a photo the next time she brings it up. After that, she is going to make fun quilts and will learn to do free motion quilting.

Well, with 21kbg on the dial up, I am still unable to read the blogs. I am so looking forward to seeing what you have been doing! I see the sidebar notes and can't wait till Thursday when we get home to go online and see them.

Till then, think of me in the cold north of Ontario.
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