Thursday, June 11, 2009


My friend Helen who is a few cottages over had a guest from Switzerland visiting on the weekend. Of course the weather was rainy and cold to boot. Anyway, while getting ready to return home on Tuesday morning, Helen looked out her window and saw movement in the trees in front of the cottage. Yep a huge black bear was poking its head in the bush about 20 yards from the door!

What a shock! This is an island, not very big either, so not much food for the poor bugger except maybe a human or something like that....grinning here....Anyway, their friend was absolutely delighted to have seen a black bear and lived to tell the tale as the saying goes.

Those that follow the bear thing, say that there isn't enough food source here and that it was probably in transit to the main land. I hope so as we have our dog here who would be in danger if a bear is around.

I know that the bear hasn't been here long because I have been keeping the garbage bins outside at the back door and there has been no disturbance of any kind at this place.

They saw the tracks on the little beach near them when they went out later and said that the tracks were "deep" indicating the weight of it.

Exciting heh?

There has been so much rain since last week and it looks like we may get a bit more in the next couple of days, but at least it's not cold. Damp but not cold. The next few days we should be in the mid 70s right where we are supposed to be.

I don't know where my brains went in the past week but I forgot some sewing attachments at home and today when I was sewing my bags, I thought I would zig zag....Doesn't work if I don't have the right foot. Thank goodness Mary and Bob are coming back and I shall have her get some attachments for me. And can you believe I actually travelled here with fabric and didn't bring a stitch picker? I looked everywhere for my little tupperware box of goodies that I use and I know just where it is at home...

Last night I made homemade Pizza. The recipe for the dough would make two or three large pizzas and so therefore I have leftover dough. I have tried to put it in the fridge and see if it will keep for a couple of does...but it also doubles in the fridge, so I must keep punching it down and so I thought one day...what about a loaf of bread? is so good.

So, I may post this recipe which is so super duper easy. I think I could also put cheese in it to make it a cheese bread...But for now, we are enjoying excellent homemade bread.

Thank you all so much for your comments about Courtney! She was a tired girl, but said it was a great experience...17 races in 3 days I think it was. My daughter, as you know will correct me if I make a mistake...She has read your comments (Courtney) and thought it was nice of my friends to say such nice things.

Oh, just to finish, the black bass is still sitting in the water guarding her eggs. She is alone now, no male know how they are....there she is a single mom doing the best that she can for her young ones...and the hummers are all still here, which makes me happy.

Life is good.
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