Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This is one of my granddaughters. She has a

She wants to go to the Olympics, hopefully,
London, 2012. If not that one then the next will still be there for her.

She has just made the Ontario Provincial team coming out of the unranked to be one of the top
girls in Ontario.

We are so proud, brought to tears by the joy of her accomplishments in the last year. She has been dreaming this dream for about 3 years when she started sprint kayak racing. She races alone, with one partner and also in a 4 person kayak. She has a talent that will hopefully move her to the Canadian Team in preperation for the Olympics.

To go with all of this, she is a good student, has good friends, has time to tutor so is generally a good all around girl.

The photo was given to her at Christmas by her mother who also works hard, making many sacrifices in search of the "big dream" for her daughter. Her dad and step mom are also there for our girl.

When we hear of our youth endeavouring to be the best that they can be, to achieve it, there are many many sacrifices made by many families to help realize the "dream".

Isn't this just the best news for today?

A PS to you all. We are off to the cottage tomorrow. Hopefully we will have better weather than last week. I am taking up my sewing table too. This will help get me going on projects.

I have 5 seat cushions to cover. The result will really change the sunroom. I am so looking forward to showing you the result. I am taking "before" and "after" for when I post in a couple of weeks from now when we return.

I bought the fabric for $5.00 per metre. (40") at Fabricland. It is outdoor fabric and I just loved it. I bought lots of extras to do other cushions too. I also bought some other fabric to make shopping bags. One cannot go anywhere now without paying $.05 per plastic bag. So I am making a bunch of them for me and friends too. I have ambition don't you think?

It has been so nice to have been back for these few days, checking all the blogs and just catching up. Isn't it funny that we don't know each other face to face but it's like old friends getting together to give encouragement and to say "well done" for all that we do. I'll miss you all for the next couple of weeks. Knowing that I am thinking of you, I remain....a quilting friend.
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