Friday, July 31, 2009


I just never get over the terrible weather we are having this summer. The first photo is the storm coming in from the west. It was like a white blanket was being pulled over the lake.

The water turned dark dark blue, the sky was this white sheet and the wind was fierce as you can imagine. It rained for about 4 hours, with the eaves troughs so full the water was overflowing them. Unbelievable rain.

The other photos are what the lake usually looks like on a clear day.

Of course it all happened just before we had dinner planned for a barbeque and our friend Bob had finished putting a stain on the front of the cottage. Change of plans and the stain stayed put on the siding.

We have a generator at the cottage. A most useful tool when the power goes out. Now this storm lasted a long time and we were amazed that we didn't lose power...called Hydro here in Ontario....and with the wind howling, the docks rocking, the rain coming sideways at times, that's
when we usually lose power...

So around 9:30 the lake is calm, the rain is calm compared to about an hour before when the rain was so heavy it was overflowing the eavestroughs. That's when the power went out....and I had no idea where the flashlights were, the candles were somewhere and the matches, when I found the candles wouldn't light because it's so damp right now....or they don't make wooden matches like they used to.

Anyway, we decided that it was late and the generator could be used in the morning for coffee, flushing toilets and water to sustain us. So we sat by candlelight, watching the lightning across the southern sky till it was decided to go to bed.

So this is another day, and we are expecting the gang of teens tonight with the weather for the weekend to be quite warm and clear skies for at least Saturday night. That's when the two marinas on this lake put on a spectacular fireworks display!

There is usually about 400 boats sitting in the dark of the night till the fireworks start. It is quite a scene, as we sit in the water, periodically pushing off each other as we continue to drift a bit in the waters. Everyone is usually quite quiet till the first display! Quite the night for all.

Then, after about an hour, it is over, the boat lights come on, the whole lake is red and green from the lights and all one can see is a huge line of boats coming down the lake to their cottages.

This year, with the gang we are having we will be two boats full of people with even the neighbours loaded in because of their own numbers.

Doesn't this sound like a fun weekend?
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