Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Ok, I know that we were supposed to do only one patch a week, but since I am at the cottage don't you know, I only have so much fabric here!

So I started cutting and sewing and with the help of Alex, my granddaughter who is visiting, we put together a whole lot of nine patch squares.

The weather needless to say is wet....It seems that for a change we can blame the weather coming to us from the southern States. And you know that CNN ALWAYS says weather comes from Canada so this is a change .

Everything is so wet to the point that we must
off the feet of the dogs when they come in.

So what is a girl to do but sew! I even had a
cottager from down the way walk over in a
rain storm just to do something to do. We had
a lesson in free motion quilting. She was very
very happy and since her machine is a 6200
Janome she can do all the same steps as I do.

This is the first time I've purchased a Jelly Roll and I must say it was very exciting to be using Oh Cherry Oh! as it is very colourful and so easy to put together. I am definitely going to order from the Fat Quarter Shop again as the service was excellent and the delivery within a week to Canada.

Our daughter is coming and bringing kids! What can be better for the weekend that is supposed to be perfect weather than to have water skiers in residence! I expect a lot of food to be consummed so Mary (my neighbour from Whitby is here) and I are heading to Huntsville to shop for the gang that is arriving Friday night with instructions for homemade Pizza. I can do that and will probably double the recipe to accommodate 4 big really big eaters!

On a happy note for Mary, my sweetie is installing a 2 piece bath in the bunkie that they sleep in. You know when we get older we need the facilities during the night so we have made room in the bunkie and it is looking really really good. There will be beadboard on the walls and the sink is a small corner sink, just big enough to brush teeth, wash face etc. Photos will be forthcoming as I think this will be very cute and useful too of course. Mary has already brought the towels.

To finish on a happy note...the hummers seem to have multiplied to six. The males make the feeders very interesting and there is lots of swooping and diving....I'm happy!

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