Tuesday, September 8, 2009


As you know, Helen (dear friend and teacher) is a hand quilter. So when she decided to do a machine quilt for a friend's daughter who is having a baby....she did this.

Helen has a Janome embroidery machine. She's had this machine for quite a number of years, but only did a few machine blocks using the machine which her daughters gave her one Christmas.

Anyway, look at the details of this little quilt.
Really unique and so very cute. All the plain
blocks are done like this, while the prints are
in the ditch. I couldn't believe how she just
had the creative juices flowing to make her
first machine quilt. So clever.

I know the yellow is a bit pale, but you can still see the details of her work.

Then, Andrea her daughter decided to make a
quilt for a baby of a friend in Australia. She sort
of copied one of my bright whites from last winter and produced such a cute original quilt...
her mother helped of course, but still Andrea
did all the work of putting the quilt blocks to-
gether and even used the colours in the block to
make the binding. She open pressed all the seams
in order for the binding to be smooth.

Now, she practiced the free motion quilted edges and sashing that you see. I do think that she has
inherited some of her mother's sewing talents.

It's mostly Walmart fabric too with some of Helen's stash bits here and there. I just loved the backing for this quilt. So bright so cheery and definitely primary colours which kids love!

A lovely first effort and Andrea wondered how
any of us that quilt could possibly think of
giving a quilt away due to the love and work
that goes into making even a small quilt such as
this crib quilt.

I also did some work on my latest project. Now the quilt called for 12 squares, however, I only have enough for these nine that I have put together to see if it suits me. I laid them out on the floor and moved them around quite a few times (as did the dogs) and finally settled, so far
on this arrangement.

Then, the bottom right black and pink one was
just too overpowering, so I have another on the
go with enough scraps to make one more
complimentry block. I will make a pillow of the
pink and black. I do like colours, but this one
is just too bright to put in the quilt.

I must find border fabric for it. Listen, I gotta get better organized because I use this and that and then gotta figure out how to finish the job! I must get stash stuff. Helen had a box of some stash that she had brought up for Andrea, so she generously gave me a few pieces to do this quilt.

We have had a glorious weekend. Light winds,
and sunshine. I wish the summer months had
been so sweet! We sat out last night as the full moon came up over the Haliburton Highlands making the lake so bright that we could almost read by moonlight. But we can feel the autumn coming, the male humminbirds are gone, the little junkos have arrived, the owls can be heard in the late night hours now.

We are starting to think of closing up, putting things away . We are hoping to be able to stay till Thanksgiving which is around the second week of October in Canada. Last year it was wonderful mild weather. Hope it's the same this year.

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