Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This weekend which was Thanksgiving for we Canadian, was extremely cold with the sun coming out only for Saturday. The men decided to take out the docks because the regular guy decided to retire and we hadn't heard whether the new guy (a lot of guys) would show up.

Anyway, it was a huge endeavour that took the men all day to just get the two docks you see up on the beach near by. As a result the men were just exhausted on Saturday night and had their brawn shown up by a 72 yr old guy that is so fit that he put all the others to shame.

I think the "men" are now thinking that exercise
is not such a bad thing after all.

Unortunately Sunday was a disaster day for all of
us here at the lake. The men rested. It rained. It snowed. It then
sleeted. It was to say the least very cold also
as we had big winds. There were three heaters in
the sunroom to keep it liveable and the wood
burning stove going full bore.

I think that next year, we won't be doing Thanks
giving here at the cottage. It's just too iffy weather.

But speaking of the was awesome and with Mary stuffing the beast we had, a delicious apple-turnip bake, broccoli, and mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie and my raspberry thing, we ate well.

So........tomorrow we leave and I am leaving with
the memory of this little tree that sits at our shore
line. Everything looks so pretty when the sun shines, the breezes are light even if it is brisk outdoors.

Oh, and we now have raccoons on the island. I have some amazing bins that they can't get into but have tried so they are tipped over, and the wonder dog is sniffing like he knows something I don't....

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