Sunday, July 19, 2009


I couldn't believe that when we arrived at the city house on Friday that the Jelly Rolls that I had ordered from The Fat Quarter Club had arrived!

It took less than a week for the shipment from Texas to Ontario
I have Oh Cherry Oh and Swanky Chez Moi. Amandajean at crazy mom quilts is having another nine patch group. So since this is where I saw her Oh Cherry Oh quilt and loved it, the nine patch will be made of this one.
The other is still in the admiring mode. I have collected so much white to work with as another colour to the next few quilts that I may have to shop for white fabric soon. I like white as it's such an easy colour to add to any quilt that I make.
We have had rain (of course) even here yesterday although we sat under a sun umbrella and waited for it to pass. It is 59 degrees this morning. I am hoping that upon our return to the cottage we will finally have summer weather.

Walter Cronkite passed away yesterday. You know whenever I would hear his name mentioned, I always remembered him taking off his glasses as he was reporting the death of JFK. In our house when I was growing up, we finished dinner and my dad would listen to Walter Cronkite every night. We had our Canadian news later in the evening, but Walter Cronkite was always there each evening telling us the news in such a way as if he was talking just to us. A great influence on many lives I am sure. A man who had a good life.
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