Wednesday, August 12, 2009


At the cottage there is always so much
activity going on with the wild life around

We have a young hawk as seen in this photo
that I took yesterday. He has such a sad cry as he looks for his mother or nest mate. He has been crying for the past few days and we actually did see the mother on the first and second day just following her young but low in the trees and I don't think he saw her.
He is here again this morning. He is probably a red tail hawk which is not a large hawk at all and is usually a very good hunter. So he better get hunting as he will need food soon. It's hard to identify what he is but I did a bit of research and it could be a red tail.
On the other end of the wild life, we have our little brown duck who started out with about fifteen young and has now six and they seem to be doing very well. She is very friendly and has been around our dock for the past couple of years. She has no fear of our wonder dog and he actually stepped back a few steps on the dock when she came visiting yesterday.
Our hummers are going crazy with the feeding from the bee balm (monarda) and at times there are five hummers and about 25 little bees fighting over the flowers. Boy, those hummers sure have an attitude...I think that they even get mad at me when the feeder gets low. I was checking a feeder last week and a male actually landed on my hand! I froze as I couldn't believe that it hadn't realized it was a human hand. It stayed there probably two seconds, but man you can imagine my joy. Males are very timid, but the females are much calmer and don't mind me around their food source.
On calm mornings, the fish jump for the bugs that are on the water. We can see the rings on the water as they get larger and larger. When the lake is super calm these rings are seen in abundance.
The last wild life we have here is a beaver. Yes, forget that this beaver lives on open water, has a very deep lake to contend with, it's here. It has taken down all the service berry bushes, the young maples and I don't know what else around here. It does come at night on the east side of the cottage and of course that's where we sleep and the dog keeps watch over us.
I have a very wonderful and peaceful life here. I am very blessed.
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