Monday, May 10, 2010


What does one do at the cottage when the weather is in the freezer?

I decided to make focaccia bread! I had brought some buns from the bakery at home and thought that I'd try making them here.

The new neighbours (I gotta stop calling them that after three years) made me brownies for mother's day, so I decided they should get one of the loaves.

We were going to my friend Helen's for dinner, that was worth one and we got one.

The recipe I got from an online site, said that these
were made in the round. However, in Canada we have
focaccia usually in square buns

I also read that one should add rosemary which the
neighbours had. Fresh no less as Kathleen is a vegan
so they always have wierd and wonderful things in
her larder!

As you can see from the photos they do look amazing! I was very pleased with my first attempt.

But...the next time I would use less olive oil, more rosemary and try to make them more crispy and less like bread.

As you can see they really puffed up and were quite delicious, but not what my goal was. I am going to give them another try to try an make them truly crusty!

Honestly, the weather had me hunkered down in the cottage most of the day.

My sweetie was outside wearing coat and gloves finishing putting the final touches to our precious lift.

The new neighbour guy who is so fit and actually can usually run with a 4x8 sheet of 3/4" plywood has hurt his back which meant that his girls had to carry all the groceries etc up to their cottage....overheard by someone...."dad we need a lift". It's a sign I tell you!

I am getting some advice on the fans today as Helen will make the trek to our cottage this morning. If it's not too cold for us to fire up the sewing machine. There must be a temperature level for that poor machine which is set up close to a heavy plastic window. For those of you in the south you have probably heard of Weatherwall Windows. Well that's what we have here in the sunroom. No insulation value whatsoever.

Ok, this week we will be in the mid 50s to low 60s. Spring is returning to our little paradise.

I must say though that some of the flowers that are usually in bloom when the hummingbirds arrive have finished blooming. What a strange year. I saw on tv this morning that the lilacs will also be 2 to 3 weeks ahead of their time. The hummers have yet to arrive here, although my neighbour Mary says she has them now.

It is still a beautiful day here, not a cloud in the sky, the lake is calm and we can actually hear the loons early in the morning with their haunting calls. It's worth it all.

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