Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Did you really really think I'd made this? Not on your

This quilt was made about 70 years ago by my neighbour's grandmother. This was what I wanted to do!

I mentioned to Helen that maybe my blog friends would believe that I made this....She laughed ! What? You don't think I could have done this? She was probably still laughing when getting into her boat to go home!

Ok, I didn't make it, but dreams do come true and one day, it will happen. Even if it takes me a year to accomplish such a beauty!

I think the yellow and white points just add drama to the placement of this quilt. If you click on the photo you can see that the quilting, done by hand all of it, is quite different in some of the blocks.

I just love this quilt and it will be at our cottage for the summer, so I can see it every day we are here.

We are heading home for a few days so I'm heading to Fabricland for fabric shopping. Big sale for this month and I do have an Eleanor Burns quilt which was in this month's BHG that I want to make. It's called Spring Fling...and uses fusible web to applique. I think I can do that! I'm not going to rush it, I'm going to make it my summer project.

I bought enough fabric from Green Fairy Quilts last month to make it except the white background. I probably should buy a bolt of white when it's on sale, as well as yellow, as I love both of these colours!

It's very windy today at the cottage. We are once again hunkered down and burning wood. No humming birds as yet and as Harmony Hopes aka Penny noted, they are smarter than we are. Maybe next week as the weather is supposed to warm up.

We are expecting a gang for the long weekend in May, which is like Memorial Day in the US except that we call it the May 24th weekend even if it doesn't fall on the 24th. It's a totally Canadian thing!

We are off to see David Copperfield on Friday with Helen and her honey! Can't wait.
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