Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I'm always reading of quilting studios! Well at the cottage this is mine! I've packed everything except batting into those four little suitcase and try to keep this corner tidy....ha!

Some days it looks like a tornado has been through it, other days there is some semblance of order.

I am forever going through the cases and tidying, sorting and just plain trying to remember what is in what.

Next year, I am hoping for a little chest to just throw
everything in, but the suitcases which are now hard
to find in goodwill etc have been around for years.

I used to have the gold one full of jewelry when the
grandkids were little. Eventually the jewelry
dwindled down to a few pieces and the kids grew up.

I had one full to the brim with lego that I picked up
here and there. Many pieces were borrowed of
course and now all those pieces are in a plastic
bin, the suitcase being valuable for fabrics only.

The grandkids were a bit disappointed when I moved all the craft stuffs, the drawing papers from one of them. The rule was you used the top for the has many marks of drawings that blue one.

Oh well, life moves on.

The little quilt that you see is one done by the daughter of a friend who has a blog called Craft Addictions, which for some reason I had trouble getting it up on my roll. Try... and hopefully you will see Claire's lovely craft stuffs, and a few quilts. She has some cute craft ideas on the blog for those of us who might want to make some gifts.

I love this quilt....It's simple, it's cute and Claire says I inspired her to blog! What a girl!

It's a rainy day here although the weather is supposed to be great for the pot luck day. I'm going to rest up and sew the nine patches together....I hope. My girlfriend Cathy who was visiting from Florida has left after visiting for the past four days. We shared over 30 yrs of memories....once again!
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