Friday, July 23, 2010


Well our grandson has made the team to go to the
Pan American Games in October, in Mexico City!

Now do you think I've been able to do anything but cry with joy? He's just an amazing kid who has such a talent and at 15 he will be the youngest member of the Canadian team!

Enough said of how proud we are. I just wanted to share this with my blogging "family". We are all so close that we do weddings, graduations, baptisms, or whatever else tickles our fancy.

Another great kid this summer is the grandson of my "private" teacher who is playing lacrosse for the provincial team here in Ontario....don't you think that family is proud too?

Don't you all have something to cheer about this summer? Be it just a little bit of news or big event stuff, we are always happy to know a bit about our lives in our journals.

The granddaughter has had her second radiation treatment on her tumor and is responding well. A bit stiff but she is back training and coaching too. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the third time will not be required.

Back at the lake, there appears to have been some pretty big storms around and some of the plants took a bit of a beating, though still standing.

I finished a little quilt today which is sort of a crib quilt and I'll be sending it off to the granddaughter of a friend who had a "miracle" baby girl...see all kinds of good stuff happening this week!

I'm putting the nine patch together starting tomorrow. It'll be as you saw in the last post...looks better now that I do see it after almost a week. I'm putting a six inch sashing around it all and using white on the backside too. White is might!

Then, I'm going to work on using my walking foot on the Janome. I gotta tell you though, I sure have a hard time following directions! It took me a half hour of putting the stupid thing together! I know how it works now, so bring on the spring quilt! I'm ready!
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