Friday, November 26, 2010


I didn't post last week as my progress
in walking with just a cane seemed to be an effort in my hip replacement therapy.
Then I realized, it wasn't even a month! So now I'm feeling better about it all.
I decided to post my favourite thing today as this quilt...It always is a hit when anyone who looks at my work and comes to this's always, ohs and ahs as it's different from anything that
I've done.
This was my friend Helen's magazine
that she had . From the moment I saw
this, I loved it. Of course I had to use
scraps as I was at the cottage at the time
so used up what I had there. Purple?
When did I ever think I'd do something
in this colour? But the result just is
so satisfying and it's my sweetie's
favourite that's why it becomes
FTF for me!
We left the cottage a month ago in the best of the season! The sun was shining, and all was well with the world.
.Helen and Derek were still there, they were closing up the following week. Most of the cottages were also closed as the weather was getting iffy, if you know
what I mean. Hurricane season brings
out crazy winds and storms, so we
closed with the help of Bob and Mary
and came home to plan my life after
Well, winter has come to our lake, there was snow over night and most of the schools in the area surrounding the lake are closed due to winter blizzards and icey roads.
I'm doing much better with the cane each day. I still am amazed at the lack of any pain. Wonderful feelings as each day I slowly get back into my routines.
I'm cooking most meals although my sweetie says that I do leave messes in "his" kitchen. Try cooking and walking with one hand on a walker, it's not easy. But he cleans up really well and appreciates that I am able to cook once again.
Thanks for all your notes of encouragement and kindness. I feel loved by all my blogging buddies.

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