Monday, November 8, 2010


Today is week two of the recovery of the hip replacement....I still don't have too much energy but am showering by myself...getting in and out of bed by myself...wahoo!
I can't believe that the above does tire me out though. I do my exercises three to four times a day and after that, I'm done.
I want to be on a beach somewhere when recovered and able to walk without the aid of
My leg feels it me? The therapis says it's common because of swelling etc.
I'm not doing much, have read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo...excellent read. I'd started it last spring and didn't give it a shot...this time it was a super read.
The lovely photo was taken by someone on holiday in the Virgin Islands...bliss!
I forgot to mention that my sweetie is doing an amazing job as my private duty nurse. I tell you that for a guy whose cooking was limited to bacon and eggs, he's become a chef extraordinaire!
I'm so grateful for his love and attention!
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