Thursday, December 30, 2010


About four days before Christmas, my friend Mary, where we spent the day,suggested that her daughter Michelle would just love an apron!

We looked a aprons at the stores, we decided that we wanted more funky styles and would make them for the
girls, Kelly, Michelle, and Carolyn who
is my son Martin's significant other!

As you can see, the girls loved the gifts.
They thought we had bought them! Imagine!
Anyway, as I made the aprons, I started to experiment with the pattern, finally making two that are completely reversable and just so cute!
We used retro sheets that Mary found
last summer, some of the little stash
I had and made three . The first one I
just didn't like the look of it so it was
discarded and used as a template of
what I didn't want.
We sadly have no photo of Carolyn (who was deathly ill with the flu) whose apple pie would have completed her June Cleaver look, but we got Courtney to pose for the photo op in the orange apron. Note please the last, the very last of the orange dots!
I tell you this was such fun to do, Mary picked out the fabrics, I sewed with gusto to say the least, but the best part was the girls' reactions.
They love them!

I was reading on Jane's blog that she is redoing her sewing area, well that's what I've been doing too! I made a new ironing board cover. Mine must be about 25 yrs old, but it was like a hot pad and I loved it! I kept it underneath the new one that I made from a sheet...again a goodwill find. My little corner in the basement looks ready for projects.

Happy New Year certainly have been a godsend this year, specially with my recovery from surgery. My leg is still a bit longer than I'd like, but I'm walking pain free!

Thank you all!

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