Friday, December 17, 2010


What does one do when recouping from a hip replacement when the therapy is finished for the day, the eyes don't want to read another word, and the fingers say "enough knitting already"?
I got hooked on Sex and the City. Since we had PVR, I just taped episodes to watch when I had my coffee in the mornings when my mind needed to escape from what I was putting my body through.
I never watched the show when it was on air...don't know why but I didn't. I got hooked in October after coming home. Now you can imagine how many
episodes I watched as there were two a day through
the week, and I realized that on midnight
no less they aired 7 shows in a row which accounted
for my dilemna of what happened between Friday
and Monday when I'd look at the show and think that
I'd missed something.
Now, I think I never watched the show because for the life of me I don't know how Sara J P ever became a star, but this was it! She was Carrie and even though she's not a beauty she pulled this off in spades!
I loved her character and all her friends made girlfriends a capital "G". Everytime I've had lunch with girlfriends we were like these four women who had lunch and discussed what we all know is "girl
talk"....right? We don't repeat it, we just listen.
Then there were the men! Chris Noth
was "Big" and he was bigger than life and when they could feel the magic between them from the get go!

He was a mature guy, had lots of money
and he and Carrie just had it and the tension between them was always there.

Jason Lewis should be a major major star! He is
a real hunk! Wishing I was younger sometimes, but wow who but "Smith" would make Samantha faithful? I had to look up his name when I first saw him...and he's straight too! Not that it would matter, he's so georgous!
Anyway girls, I'm better, walking without a cane even although I must remember my posture! Walk straight! So, my Sex and the City days are over, I've seen what must be four years in the past seven weeks!
I've also watched Band of Brothers over again. Yeah yeah, my interests are from one spectrum to the other, but I'm happy to be moving around, and actually went shopping with Courtney who is back from university for a couple of weeks. She was the one who reminded me of the walking straight excercise!
It's Friday...almost Christmas.

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